Conjurer is a class in Divinity: Original Sin II.



Conjurer Information

Conjures a trusty personal demon and elemental totems to aid in battle.

 If you recruited this class on the Lady Vengeance, you get a female Human called Francesca.



Pet Pal



Starting Skills


Conjure Incarnate

Dimensional Bolt

Elemental Totem

If you recruited on the Lady Vengeance, this class also starts with:

Farsight Infusion

Soul Mate

Rallying Cry





Starting Gear

  • ???





  • Summoning works well with any skill, but if you want to focus on purely using the incarnate, Pyrokinetic works wonders for buffs like Haste and Peace of Mind early on. Pair with a Lizard Character and you have an inbuilt source of fire for 1AP in Dragon’s Breath. Late game you can add the Fire Slug Summon too. 



    • Anonymous

      27 Sep 2017 05:24  

      this class is basically a one man army early on. i am currently doing fane mixed with warfare and summoning with lone wolf, at level 10, I have enough ap to summon my giant beastie, buff him with the ranged and power buff, then lay down a totem. basically lay down a totem each turn. currently one of my favorite is the blood infusion, it does a ton of damage, if we are ganging up on a real bad guy, it can knock him down, and if it back up, i bum rush it again with fane.

      • Anonymous

        22 Sep 2017 21:18  

        For anyone looking for a good talent to get as Conjurer, in my opinion Torturer is pretty good and it increases the duration of status affects and when you infuse your incarnate or totem they will apply a status affect depending on what they are infused with.

        Also if anyone knows if elemental affinity combines with the conjuring of totems and incarnates please let me know.

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