Counting your Chickens

Big Marge
Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 10+
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Counting your Chickens is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. After encountering some chickens who lost their eggs, you are tasked with finding the lost eggs. Are you up to the task?



Important NPCs

  • Big Marge
  • Peeper
  • Magicockerel



Counting your Chickens Objectives

  1. Encounter a brood of panicking hens who have lost their eggs.
  2. Find the chicken eggs.
  3. Return the surviving egg back to the hens.
  4. Check back later on the surviving egg's condition.
  5. A voidling chick has hatched from the egg. Find its father.
  6. Speak to Magicockerel and decide Peeper's fate.



Counting your Chickens Walkthrough

At Reaper's coast, you will meet some chickens in a ranch. If you have the Pet Pal talent, you will learn that their eggs have been stolen. Big Marge, the leader of these chickens, will task you with finding the stolen eggs.

Travel to the place marked on your map, north of the hens, and defeat the Voidwoken there. Unfortunately, you will discover that all the eggs have been tainted and there is only one lone surviving egg left. Pick it up and take it back to Big Marge.

After reporting back to Big Marge with the egg, she will reward you with the location of a treasure hidden behind the hens' coop. Dig it up and continue on your travels.

Revisit the chickens sometime later and you will find that a voldling chick named Peeper has hatched from the egg and killed all of the chickens. However, it doesn't seem to be hostile to you and follows you around.

Use Spirit Vision to reveal the Spirit of Big Marge, who will tell you to find Peeper's father. Travel to the location marked on your map (co-ordinates X:437, Y:304) to find Peeper's father, Magicockerel.

Magicockerel will tell you to kill Peeper as all he sees is a killer, not his son. You can choose to oblige and kill Peeper or refuse to kill the cute ball of fluff.

If you choose to kill Peeper, you will be rewarded with a choice of loot. A chest containing a legendary and an epic item will also spawn near Magicockerel. If you choose not to kill Peeper, he will transform into a voidwoken hatchling and summon dozens of other chicks to fight you. You will not get any loot reward and the chest will not spawn if you choose this choice, but you can loot the dead chicken bodies for around 3 source orbs. Either way, the quest is complete.



  • 5000XP upon completion, regardless of choice.
  • Killing Peeper grants not only a choice of loot reward, but also spawns a chest next to Magicockerel, containing several powerful items, with at least one epic and legendary item.
  • Letting Peeper live will give you around 3 source orbs for each of the dead chicken bodies.

    • Anonymous

      30 Oct 2017 06:59  

      Guide makes no mention of Peeper dropping a Source Orb itself when you kill it. So you get quest rewards, a source orb, and a chest with nice goodies.

      • Anonymous

        18 Oct 2017 18:25  

        I ate the egg and told big marge for 5000xp. Delicous experience and the character eating it coments on the taste.

        • Anonymous

          15 Oct 2017 07:50  

          BIG tip, complete this quest as soon as possible. Otherwise pepper will be a BIG nuisances. At the beginning he does well avoiding fights, but as the game progresses with more mobs and more AoEs he dies very easily and makes you reload if you care about this quest's reward.

          • Anonymous

            08 Oct 2017 08:37  

            You can return the egg with a character who doesn't have the Pet Pal talent. However, then Big Marge can't tell you about the buried treasure. No matter, you can still find and dig up the treasure behind one of the little chicken coops.

            • Anonymous

              05 Oct 2017 05:43  

              Have tried this twice, I dont get any option. Just talk to the Magicockerel the Peeper tranforms. No chest, No loot, just alot of dead chickens.

              • Anonymous

                26 Sep 2017 10:50  

                If you choose to spare peeper, and then loot all the dead chickens, you can get multiple source orbs, if you kill peeper, you get the chest of loot + a single source orb off peeper's corpse

                • Anonymous

                  24 Sep 2017 08:53  

                  My baby chicken is stuck in the tavern and refuses to follow me out. Even waypoint jumping doesn't help... guess it's just a bug?

                  • Anonymous

                    22 Sep 2017 17:46  

                    is there really no way to save little peeper? even when you choose not to kill him he turns int a voidcrawler :/

                    • Anonymous

                      21 Sep 2017 10:36  

                      Spirit of Big Marge won't talk to me, tried saving and reloading game. Peeper also will not follow me. Anyone else having this issue?

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Sep 2017 07:55  

                        father is called magicockerel at x: 440 y: 306 closest teleport is probs driftwood fields, though paladin bridgehead is pretty close as well

                        • Anonymous

                          16 Sep 2017 20:59  

                          Use spirit Walk and speak with the chicken ghost who will tell you to bring the chicken to his fathern 'the special rooster'

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