Dark Cavern is a location in Divinity Original Sin II.


Dark Cavern

Notes & Tips

  1. Treasure and Soul Jars
  2. Statue, will teleport your main character to another area, grants Bless
  3. Trompdoy
  4. Statue, will ask you to solve puzzles, each letter stands for a word.

General Information

  • Location: Fort Joy
  • Recommand Level: 4+



  • None

Notable NPCs:


  • None


    • Anonymous

      30 Sep 2017 19:06  

      I did all the points except 4. The statue never asked me any questions. Is there some way I can activate it?

      • Anonymous

        23 Sep 2017 14:50  

        I believe you are referring to the level that opens the portal/gate to let you go through. Once entering the area, the idea is to walk on the invisible paths.

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