Delorus is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Delorus information

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Delorus location



Notes and Tips

  • If you take Lohse he will be able to tell you some imformation about the beast inside of her and help towards her quest line
  • If you give him a healing potion, he will tell you the password for the kidnappers (You can then pacify them. The guys next the boat/Han).
  • You can give him the potion from Mody if you have it... which results in a different outcome (Delorus dies).

    • Anonymous

      21 Oct 2017 22:27  

      He appears in act 3 as a level 9 archer, he took a hit from a blackring mage and died instantly 2 minutes after.. not sure if hes useful for anything

      • Anonymous

        21 Sep 2017 05:58  

        Just found him in Act 3, aggressive and level 9 but acts as if he's allied, and offers to tag along with me for awhile. Is this a bug -- his level and/or his hostility tag?

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