Farming in Divinity Original Sin II refers to repeated player actions made to generate in-game gold or experience. Strategies are listed on this page.


How to get Unlimited Money

Want to go to a vendor and be able to buy him out and make a 400 gold profit everytime ?

  1. Sell your paintings and high value Junk. Sell everything until you can buy ALL items you want from vendor, and ALL his/her money.
  2. Save (incase you need this NPC for a future quest)
  3. Kill and loot.

Beware: If you kill a vendor the gold they have and the items they Uniquely sell, are NEVER available for looting once you kill. 

Only once you buy and resell their unique items can it be retrieved. As of Update v3.0.5.530 (early Access)


Good way to make money by combining items (As of Early Access, Update v3.0.5.530)

You should always buy/sell with your character who as Bartering(Civil Action) and sell your items to NPCs with which you have a good reputation.

  • Pick up or buy cheap materials like Nails, Broken Bottles and combine them with empty grenades to make Nailbomb Grenades and Armor-Piercing Grenades which sell for at the least 5 times the price of the materials.
  • Same thing with Intestines and Rotten Eggs combine them with Empty Canisters for Chemical Warfare Grenades which sell for a good price.
  • Almost every herbs can be combined with empty potion bottles to make potions which can be sold for more profit, you can also upgrade your minor healing potions to Healing Elixir by combining them with Yarrow Flowers which are worth even more.
  • Arrowhead(1g) combined with Fire Resistance Potion(8g) give Explosive Arrowhead which you can combine with Arrow Shaft(1g) for Explosive Arrow(61g) which are worth 6 times the materials used. You can make your own Fire Resistance Potions by combining Guepinia Mushroom(1g) and Empty Potion Bottle(1g).
  • Logs can be combined with a dagger to make 2 Wooden Branches + 1 Wood Chips, you do not lose the dagger.
  • Sharp Stones can be combined with a Wooden Branch for a Sharp Stone on a Stick which sells for more.
  • Cloth and Leather Scraps combined with a Tong for a Big Tongs Roped Together which sells for more.
  • Soap + any key gives a Lockpick, you do not lose the key or Nails + Repair Hammer gives 4 lockpicks, you do not lose the Hammer. Lockpicks sell for more than Soap or Nails and this means you should never have to buy any lockpick.
  • Mortar and Pestle + Bone/Skull gives Bonedust and Mortar and Pestle + Stardust Herb gives Stardust. Bonedust + Stardust gives Pixie Dust which sells for more.


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