Feder (Human)

Feder is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Feder information



Feder location

  • Feder first appears in The Hollow Marshes
  • After Blessing Feder, she'll be waiting outside the desert where you freed the Dragon Knight
  • If you talk to Feder and suggest she visit the Shrine in the Seeker camp, she'll run there.
  • Talking to Feder again you can suggest she sit in the fountain stream in the camp, she'll go there.
  • Although nothing happens you can talk to the fountain statue and select all sympathetic options to restore the fountains ability turning Feder back.
  • Feder does not join the Call to Arms with the others, and instead stays in the Sanctuary of Amadia.



Notes and Tips

  • Feder tells you all the pigs were once Sourcerers, although only Feder seeks your assistance (CHECK)
  • Blessing one of the pigs summons the undead Lizard, Scapor.
  • Feder will die if she prays to Amadia after Sebille pisses off Amadia's Statue and turns the water blood red.

    • Anonymous

      02 Jan 2018 17:27  

      Psst.. after you tell Gareth about the wand. You can kill her without consequence, for the place is pretty much empty, for sweet sweet loot. If you are a sadistic murderer.

      • Anonymous

        24 Sep 2017 14:42  

        I speken, if i "retreat" red fog covers the pool and kills the pig. If i contiune with dialog i only got blessed. Played as a Fane.
        However before interacting, i chose do disregard transformed forms (Fane's mask of shapeshifter). After i do that, armadia recognized me as a Fane and had a new dialog options. Witch resulted in white fog covering pond and transform the pig into a human

        • Anonymous

          19 Sep 2017 12:43  

          Had her cured, and saw what she had for sale. Decided to transfer all my items to my bartering character but now cant find her in the camp. Anyone knows where she could have gone?

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