Glass Cannon

You start every combat round with Maximum AP, but Magic and Physical Armour do not protect you from statuses. Incompatible with Lone Wolf.


Glass Cannon is a talent in Divinity Orignal Sin 2.



  • Because you are vulnerable to statuses like stun and knocked down, enemies will often target Glass Cannon characters. Plan accordingly.
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    • Anonymous

      01 Jun 2017 15:41  

      Probably one of the worst perks in this game after being one of the best in the original for ranged characters. Battle encounters are hand crafted and virtually all of them have multiple enemies that spam stun effects. AI is programmed to know that your characters have this perk and will immediately target them with stuns. Most encounters with 4 enemies or more will simply result in them stun-locking these characters making this perk almost completely useless. It's best used by a cleric or ranger that wants to stay as far away from the enemy as possible. However, with virtually every class having insane mobility skills in this game, they will ignore your team and teleport to your glass cannons just to stun them.

      Don't get this talent on more than one character or you will regret it.

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