Gratiana is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Gratiana information

  • Gratiana is an undead, a former concubine and partner of Braccus Rex. She offered Braccus Source from villages that she destroyed in an effort to please him. While hunting a band of wizards, she came upon the shrine of Amadia, where she now is a priestess.



Gratiana location



Notes and Tips

  • The necromancers inside the Gargoyle's Maze have bad things to say about Gratiana.
  • Inside the Vault of Braccus Rex, you can find her Soul Jar (the Tarnished Soul-Jar), which is needed to finish the quest The Eternal Worshipper.
  • Note, opening the Tarnished Soul-Jar will kill Gratiana. (Opening any soul jar will kill the linked NPC)

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