While sneaking, your attack damage is increased by 40%.

Requirement:Sneaking 1

Guerilla is a talent in Divinity Orignal Sin 2.



  • Not recommended for in combat use unless running Glass Cannon or Lone Wolf, and even then, still not recommended. Since sneaking in combat takes 4 AP and the AI may attack your last known spot, and if you didnt move, they essentially know where you are. Meaning, you will only use this talent to initiate combat with. Not for use while in combat.
  • Does not work with Invisibility (Chameleon Cloak, Blessed Smoke Cloud, Invisibility Potion)
  • Doesn't work with Skills (e.g. Ballistic Shot and Assassiante)

    • Anonymous

      05 Oct 2017 12:46  

      Sneaking and invisibility are two different states. Therefore, it doesn't work with invisibility.
      Additionally, it doesn't work with skills (at least for Huntsman -tested with balistic shot and assasinate).

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