Lord Withermoore


Lord Withermoore is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Lord Withermoore information

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Lord Withermoore location

  • Lord Withermoore first appears in Forgotten Cell, which is located inside the cave full of elves, south of Fort Joy Ghetto, look for a hidden hatch.



Notes and Tips

  • Lord Withermoore is related to Withermoore's Soul Jar
  • If Mody sees you fighting Lord Withermoore, Mody will run. But when you go back up the ladder/hatch he will give you a Minor Healing Potion. This is because "You guys are friends, like you and Wither could've been." It's actually a poison potion in disguise! Dirty little rascal. I love this game.
  • Upon his death, defeat, or quest completion, he drops Withermoore's Gridle
  • If you completes his quest, he can show up later inside the tower beyond the Gargoyle Labyrinth. In case you don't have enough source power to remove the seal on the source barrier and interact with it, Lord Withermoore will do it for you as one last good deed, then vanish forever.

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