Mercy is Power

Location Nameless Isle
Suggested Level 16-18
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Mercy is Power is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Finding Windego, the old woman who blew up the ship back in the prologue, you are offered the choice to help her in Arx. Will you do so?



Important NPCs



Mercy is Power Objectives

  • Encounter Windego in the Sallow Man's camp and kill her.
  • Encounter her again in Arx, below the prison.
  • Speak to her.
  • Give her the Swornbreaker weapon to sever her ties with the God-King (optional).



Mercy is Power Walkthrough

Deep inside the Sallow Man's camp, you will find a letter in the war room about Windego, the witch who blew up the ship bringing you to Fort Joy. You will meet her in person once again, this time as a skeleton, and she will attack you. Kill her and cast spirit vision. Talking to her yields no real answers except that she is sworn to the God-King. After the conversation, her spirit will disappear.

You will meet Windego once again, this time in the deep below the Magister's prison at Arx. To get there, you will first need to persuade two Paladins to allow you to pass the locked door and head downstairs. Attempting to teleport past the locked gate will render the guards hostile, if spotted.

Head downstairs and speak to the Loremaster, where you will once again need to pass a speech check or tell them that you were the one who sent a war owl to the Paladins informing them of the Black Ring collusion with the Magisters back in the Blackpits in Act II in order to speak to Windego.

From here, interact with the device nearby and if you removed your source collar with the help of the blacksmith back in Fort Joy, you will be afforded the option to turn off the switch without spending source points. Speak to Windego and she'll tell you that she is no longer the God-King's favorite chosen - Lord Linder Kemm is. She will then leave, intent on aheading to Lord Kemm's estate to obtain his Swornbreaker, but not before giving you a "Charm Voidwoken" skillbook as a reward first.

At this point, if you let her leave without giving her the Swornbreaker and have not freed Arhu yet, you will find her corpse on the upper platform in Arhu's prison area, to the side. Casting Spirit Vision and speaking to her will reveal that her spirit is on the verge of being torn apart by the God-King, and you will have to either consume her source to spare her from that fate (but still damning her all the same), or let the God-King consume her. You can loot her corpse for 2 virtue tokens after; these tokens grant 2 source points each when consumed.

If you stop her before she leaves though, giving her a Swornbreaker to sever her ties with the God-King, she will finally be able to leave for the Hall of Echoes. If you do so, you will be rewarded with a choice of Divine-quality loot (level 18). You won't be able to loot her body for 2 virtue tokens if you choose this path though.

Either way, the quest is complete, regardless of whether you gave her a Swornbreaker or not.

If you attack her, you can loot her body for the 2 virtue tokens, but killing her in this way grants no XP and forfeits the skillbook. The quest is complete after she dies.





  • There are 2 Swornbreaker weapons in-game, one forged with the parts found on the Nameless Isle, along with the tablet back in Driftwood, and one inside Lord Kemm's vault. The one forged with parts scales to your level, so if you are intent on using it, it may be wise to wait until a high level before crafting it.
  • If you already looted Kemm's vault including his Swornbreaker before speaking to her, she will still say that she will leave for Kemm's vault to find his Swornbreaker. If you subsequently head back there to meet her, you won't find her there at all. This is considered a good thing, since if you have not looted Kemm's vault before speaking to her and didn't give her the Swornbreaker, she will meet her demise in Arhu's prison.
  • You can give her a depleted Swornbreaker with zero durability after using it.




  • A "Charm Voidwoken" skillbook upon freeing and talking to her in Arx, completing the quest.
  • A choice of Divine-quality loot (level 18) if you give her a Swornbreaker weapon.


  • The quest name have an obvious hint about mercy being power, which is proven true if you know how to use the quest reward in the final battle in end game for huge advantage.

    • Anonymous

      12 Jan 2018 17:44  

      About the Trivia Hint.Mind Maggot grenade costs less ap and has longer duration.Unless i am missing something..And The spell costs 1 memory.Not to mention the charm scrolls you can have until the end.

      • Anonymous

        02 Jan 2018 21:08  

        Actually it seems you will only get the Charm Voidwoken skill book if you select your answers in a specific order. In the first case I got an option like "I admit I have swornbreaker" - this resulted in no skill book, in second try I got an option to stop her and give her swornbreaker, that give me the skill book too. I only got legendary loot by the way

        • Anonymous

          17 Dec 2017 00:51  

          I didn't knew about the weapon before reading this. I hadn't built it yet so I couldn't give it to her and there was nothing on the subject in the dialogues. Nonetheless, before freeing her I bought the Source tokens and after freeing her she gave the charm voidwoken just like that.

          • Anonymous

            22 Oct 2017 03:53  

            They removed Charm Voidwoken in a later patch of the game, and instead you receive a Door to Eternity skillbook instead.

            • Anonymous

              21 Oct 2017 11:24  

              If you talk to her before freeing her from the cage, you're able to trade with her, she only has the 2 virtue tokens, wich you can buy for about 353 each (more or less)

              • Anonymous

                05 Oct 2017 01:58  

                You get a unique skillbook if you free her: Charm Voidwoken. Its also free to learn, you don't have to have any points in summoning.

                • Anonymous

                  02 Oct 2017 03:50  

                  A bit of spoilers, but.
                  I showed her mercy and you encounter her later dead probably happy, maybe not, I think it's more of who you want to have swornbreaker it seems, there's many options that pops up depending on your story on who to give the limited amount of it to.

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