Mortal Blow

Mortal Blow

Deal 140% damage. Damage is doubled if you are sneaking or invisible. Target is killed instantly if below 20% Viality.

Instantly kill target below 20% Vitality.
Damage is based on your basic attack and receives a bonus from Finesse.

 Requires Scoundrel 5
 Costs 3 Memory
 Requires a Dagger









scoundrel-skill Scoundrel

Mortal Blow is a Scoundrel Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Mortal Blow Spell Book Location

  • Can be looted from Gwyndian Rince, or give to you as a reward by him if you save him.
  • Sold by vendors upon reaching lvl 16.



Mortal Blow Requirements



Notes and Tips

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Scoundrel Skills
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    • Anonymous

      03 Oct 2017 11:47  

      You can use this to guarantee a single kill at the start of the battle 90% of the time.
      Mortal Blow, Guerrilla, Backstab is just flat out insane. (By this point you should also have max weapon skill and close if not max finesse)

      I think it also kills them as long as you get them below 20% with the attack, but I heard that on a youtube video. I haven't tested it myself.

      • Anonymous

        21 Sep 2017 17:00  

        but you can also use it before the game start by sneaking/going invisible.

        furthemore if you're invisible the dommage are double.

        and 20% erly isnt much, but its a late game skill with late game npc, i dont know yet but what if they have like 5000hp ? then 20% is 1000hp, this skil is a really good pre/engage and finisher (especialy in late game)

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