Most Dangerous When Cornered

Quest Giver
Location Ruins on noth
Suggested Level 5+
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Most Dangerous When Cornered is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II

This quest is automatically acquired when you apporach the ancient ruins on the north of the island after you escaped from Fort Joy.

Important NPCs



  1. Save Gareth from magisters.
  2. Find Gareth in his hideout, discuss how to take one of the ship of magisters and escape this island.
  3. Find some source weapon



  • After you escaped from Fort Joy, go the north part of the island. Be prepared to fight because some voidwokens will try to ambush you in this area.(If you have Pet Pal talent, some of the flaming pigs will ask you to release from thier curse, killing them give you a small amount of EXP. Blessing the curse pigs will lift the curse.)
  • In the ruins on north, you will see some magisters attacking one paladin, help him defeat these magisters.
  • This paladin claim to be Gareth, he says he has a plan to take one of magisters' ship and leave this island. He asks you to meet him in Sanctuary of Amadia.
  • In Sanctuary of Amadia, Gareth asks you to find some source weapon, otherwise there is no way to defeat Alexander and his magisters. You can find one in a Cave near the Winter Dragon (at southeast of the island) after defeat the witch. Or you can go to the illusionist's cave.


Tips & Tricks

  • Dont let Gareth be killed during battle, so move quickly.
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