Deals 150% damage. If your Physical Armour is higher than your opponent's, destroy all their Physical Armour. Can set Knocked Down.

 Set Knocked Down for 1 turn(s).

Damage is based on your basic attack and receives a bonus from Strength.

 Requires Warfare 5
 Costs 3 Memory

 Requires a Melee Weapon









warfare-skills-dos2 Warfare

Overpower is an Warfare Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Overpower Spell Book Location

  • Sold by vendors upon reaching lvl 16.



Overpower Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Can be used for backstab
  • ??



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    • Anonymous

      02 Feb 2018 22:00  

      It seems to also count as a spell when it comes to dodge%, I could be wrong but I've used it dozens of times against enemies with uncanny evasion or something similar, and it seems to always hit.

      • Anonymous

        07 Jan 2018 14:03  

        I used this on my lone wolf tank and it worked wonders, my guy always had more physical armour than the enemy at the start of battle or just needed to get a single hit in than you take away all their armour (10k+ damage lategame) and they don't get to take turns anymore

        • Anonymous

          08 Dec 2017 17:19  

          This skill is meant to be abused by ai melee sorcerers, but it's a waste for players on tactical. They always have more armor than you, so such a 'healthy and smart balance' from the devs.

          • Anonymous

            03 Dec 2017 18:02  

            It's a 150% damage attack than can knockdown for the same AP as a standard attack, and what else are you going to use your SP on as a warrior? That's pretty much it's only use. If it calculated the physical armor difference AFTER the strike then the effect would be useful, but it doesn't so it's just fluff text. Hard to justify the 3 memory slots for this though.

            • Anonymous

              28 Oct 2017 07:05  

              Just tested it, mine does about 800 armor. Hit my mate he has 400 armor and 2100 hp and it took his armor and did 400 damage. i have 1400 armor. To me for a source point seems like a waste. If my armor is higher then only benefit is if the skill did very little damage, for a non strength build. thus saving you from having to do a lot of damage to their armor.

              • Anonymous

                03 Oct 2017 22:41  

                Anyone note if this can backstab? Crippling blow can, so just curious if there is even more synergy with warfare/scoundrel down the road.

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