Persuasion helps you convince characters to do your bidding in dialogues, and increases how much characters like you.

Level 1: Increases base Attitude with strangers by 5.

Persuasion is a civil ability in Divinity Orginal Sin 2. Persuasion's primary purpose is to help you get characters to do what you want them to do in dialogue. A character's Persuasion score seems to be far more important than the chosen attribute for passing a Persuasion check. Successful persuasion checks will result in a "Persuasion Success!" message, while failed persuasions will result in a "Persuasion Failed!". 

However, a high Persuasion score does not allow you to ignore the dialogue or context. Certain dialogue options will always fail, regardless of Persuasion and Attribute scores. Some others will always succeed, even with 0 persuasion and a low score of the relying Attribute.


Persuasion Information

  • Assists persuasion checks and provides +5 base Attitude per level.
  • Lvl 1 --  +5 Attitude
  • Lvl 2 --  +10 Attitude
  • Lvl 3 --  +15 Attitude
  • Lvl 4 --  +20 Attitude
  • Lvl 5 --  +25 Attitude


Persuasion Notes

  • The bonus Attitude is base attitude. Attitude is still capped at 100 attitude score (19% better prices).
  • Persuasion synergizes very well with Bargaining, as the innate discount stacks with the second discount from high Attitude.
  • A persuasion check is guaranteed to pass if it meets the requirements of the selected dialogue option.
  • Remember that persuasion is character dependent; if you need to persuade someone, be sure to have your character with high Persuasion do the talking.
  • Contrary to the in-game persuasion tooltip/tutorial that says that persuasion success is based off of the difference between your character and the NPC character's Attribute, this does not seem to be the case. It seems that the persuasion interaction itself has been reworked to be solely dependent on the Persuasion civil ability alone -- or that Persuasion now acts as a significant multiplier that can forgive even a very low Attribute score.
  • In an experiment, a character with 30 finesse was made to try to persuade an NPC with 12 finesse. The character still failed to persuade them, despite the whopping 18 stat difference -- probably due to having 0 in the persuasion ability. However, it may also have been an Impossible dialogue option.
  • Inspecting the dialogue file (from GOG version located in Origins.pak/Origins_1.pak, Mods\DivinityOrigins_1301db3d-1f54-4e98-9be5-5094030916e4\Story\Dialogs\FortJoy\FTJ_CollaredPrisoner.lsj (Vasyna) shows that the Strength dialogue node's Persuasion Modifier property is set to "Hard" and has "Success" and "Failure" nodes as two possible branches, while the Intelligence Persuasion Modifier is set to "Always" and only has one possible branch of "Success", and the Wits Persuasion Modifier is set to "Impossible" and only has one possible branch of "Failure".
  • Trivia: the Alpha version of persuasion would simulate +4 stat difference per persuasion level when trying to persuade someone.
  • It would seem the developers deemed the original version of the persuasion civil ability (simulate a +4 stat difference) to be too inconsequential of a civil ability and thus made persuasions largely dependent on the persuasion ability itself. 


    • Anonymous

      22 Oct 2017 13:15  

      I kept maxing persuasion on red prince as fast as I could ,never failed with str and con attributes ,the only time I had to reload was in that djien quest that even with passing on str check ,djien tricks you ,overall this system worked fine for me ,my only minor problem is I always have to use red prince to talk to someone first instead of my main charactor Ifan

      • Anonymous

        13 Oct 2017 05:31  

        Persuasion definitely is attribute based, In drift wood at 1 persuasion and 21 strength I consistently failed the persuasion check for the executioner but after eating a mushroom and a strength pot to get to 24 strength I passed the check. Similarly on the boat to fort joy I would consistently failed the speech check to convince the magisters hiding in the room up stairs to let me go, but after buffing my intelligence by 1 i succeeded.

        • Anonymous

          21 Sep 2017 10:17  

          In the very first room I have stolen a book next to Magister Siwan. When she accused me of thievery, I vehemently denied that. Persuasion failed and a combat was initiated. Upon reload, I got a persuasion success. That means that persuasion is a chance check.

          • Anonymous

            20 Sep 2017 16:05  

            I have been able to successfully persuade multiple times with characters that have 0 points in persuasion and only 2-3 points stat difference. Maybe you just need at least as much persuasion as the other character or the difficulty of persuasion is not based on teir stats.

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