Taunt the enemies around you. Provoke and tease them so that they want to attack you.

 Set Taunted for 1 turn(s).

 Requires Warfare 2
 Costs 1 Memory









warfare-skills-dos2 Warfare

Provoke is an Warfare Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



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Provoke Requirements



Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      05 Dec 2017 15:01  

      Maybe it was broken before, I dont know, but it's been working for me when applied. People may still say it's garbage even if it works and it should have no resistance, but without it it would be op with the current cooldown. You can potentially save the life of a teammate on a bad spot or make one or several enemies' attacks useless if you combo with basically evasion(dodging or transportation skills) or high resistance from skills(cryo stasis) and potions on the caster.

      • Anonymous

        14 Oct 2017 02:54  

        I found a Legendary shield with this Skill provided, along with Shields Up, and it did not work for characters who had the skill in their book (but not memorized), meaning you can't use it to save a memory slot. It provided the skill for all characters without the skill already. All other items I have used in the past that provide skills I already had worked fine, it simply removes it from the left side of your skillbook while equipped, and puts it on the right side. I guess it doesn't matter though, since the skill is quite broken anyways.

        • Anonymous

          10 Oct 2017 05:15  

          It says the "taunted" status lasts for 1 turn...

          I have the impression that when you taunt someone who has already played in the current turn, and because the taunted status wears off at the beginning of the next turn, it doesn't work. It happened to me several times, when i taunted a guy who was going to play right after me but ... nope ! it'll be a new turn ! :/ Though it worked when I taunted a guy who hadn't played in the current turn yet ... I don't know, maybe it's not that and the skill is just broken

          • Anonymous

            01 Oct 2017 16:56  

            This ability is fundamentally broken. Do not pick it, waste of money/AP/memory slot.

            First, the player must remove all armor before the taunt effect can be applied, meaning you likely cannot provoke a target at a point in the fight when it matters.

            Second, the mob is free to use any ability besides basic attacks on any target of its choice, even when taunted.

            Taunted an archer? They'll use an elemental arrow on your healer anyways.
            Taunted a caster? They'll use a spell on your healer anyways.
            Taunted a melee attacker? They'll move to the healer and use an ability on him anyways.
            Taunted a character with absolutely no skills on cooldown and no arrows/scrolls/potions? They'll move away from you without attacking.

            I cannot emphasize enough how useless this ability currently is. I have played 50+ hours, I have tried taunt in about 200 different fights. I have literally NEVER seen it cause the taunted mob to attack the tank that used provoke on it.

            This move is fundamentally broken.

            • Anonymous

              19 Sep 2017 06:18  

              Not sure what the "Taunt" status is supposed to do. When armor is removed, and I use Provoke, it says "taunted", but the mobs just run away from me and attack my allies still. Kind of agree with previous poster, using this skill is a waste of AP.

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