Slane the Winter Dragon

(In Game)
Icey Beach - Near Witch's Cavern

Slane the Winter Dragon is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Slane the Winter Dragon information

  • Upon first encountering Shane you will find him bound to the ground by a set of chains, which can be destroyed through attacking them. The dragon will not be able to speak with you until you do this.
  • After some dialogue you will be asked to retrieve the Witch's purging wand, as it is the only way to free the dragon of it's souls captivity. 
  • Radeka the Witch wields the Purging Wand, and must be found in the beachside cave to the South of Shane's location. Kill her and the extra enemies summons to loot the wand from her corpse.
  • Upon returning to Shane with the wand in inventory, you may speak with him again and either offer to give him the Purging Wand or decide to keep it for yourself. (NOTE NEXT TWO BULLETINS)
  • Handing the wand over results in his gratitude, and now immediate rewards, although he will be of use later as he will destroy the pair of shriekers North of The Abandoned Camp upon your avatar approaching them. It's very possible to die while standing in range of the Shrieker's waiting for Shane to fly over, so watch the "tendrils" connecting to you, they indicate your in the instant death zone.
  • Refusing to give Shane the Purging Wand results in combat.



Slane the Winter Dragon location

  • Slane the Winter Dragon first appears in southeast area of the island, not far from Witch's Location and Gargoyle's Maze. It will be on the beachside, with frozen surfaces surrounding the area.



Notes and Tips

  • Killing Shane the Winter Dragon drops probably the best one-handed weapon in Act 1; Fang of the Winter Dragon
  • Defeating Shane the Winter Dragon is currently an achievement on the Steam Community.
  • If gaven the Purging Wand, Shane will briefly turn back into a lizard; his original form.
  • Also tends to drop unidentified Epic and Rare gear.

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