Speaking in Forked Tongues

Quest Giver
Location Stonegarden
Suggested Level 11
Next Quest ???
Previous Quest  

Speaking in Forked Tongues is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Xiuh
  • Spirit of a Lizard


Speaking in Forked Tongues Objectives

  1. ???
  2. ???



Speaking in Forked Tongues Walkthrough


In Stonegarden, you can find a lizard chest in between two fire-breathing statues.

Let a lizard speak to it, and you will learn it requires a password to open. (transformed into a lizard does not help)

The password can be learned from the salamander at Ryker's mansion, but it has to be a lizard character, with Pet Pal talent.


Tips & Tricks

  • Teleport the chest out from the flames
  • Smashing it gets the loot but does not solve the quest, noble lizard with petpal does not qualify to get the password.

    • Anonymous

      21 Sep 2017 11:40  

      For talk with lizard you need a lizard scolar in party. If you dont have one Fain can turn to with his mask.

      • Anonymous

        21 Sep 2017 00:01  

        Ok i got it , i took the Red Prince and take the Pet Pal Ability for him and he could understand the lizard
        If you don't have the Red Prince in your party , try a lizard with pet pal and scholar.

        • Anonymous

          20 Sep 2017 16:42  

          Just being a lizard with pet pal apparently doesn't qualify for this "Ancient Language." There seems to be some other pre-requisite.

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