The Murderous Gheist

Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level Any
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The Murderous Gheist is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.  Magister Yarrow of Fort Joy, wants to find a missing inmate named Migo.


Important NPCs




  1. Find Migo, the missing inmate, and report to Yarrow.




On the wall of Fort Joy is Magister Yarrow, she is searching for a missing inmate named Migo. Migo is at southside of Fort Joy on the beach past Doctor Leste. He has transformed into some kind of monster and attacks you after you speak with him. You can give him Yarrow Flower (found around the island) and he will give you a ring, or you can kill him and take the ring. Report to  Magister Yarrow and confirm the status of Migo, giving her the ring as proof. If you did not kill him, you can follow her to the beach and speak with her again and she will give you a key that opens the locked door above the ladder you must kick down after teleporting to in Fort Joy Ghetto, allowing you access to Fort Joy.


Tips & Tricks

  • Migo is actually the father of magister Yarrow. Give him a Yarrow flower to get his ring.
  • Migo's Ring provides a permanent Restoration skill (restores vitality) while worn.
  • If you give the ring to Yarrow, she will run to the beach where Migo is (or his corpse if you killed him). She can then be killed to retrieve the ring from her corpse.
  • Killing Migo and Magister Yarrow will drop an Unique Items Migo's Breastplate and Migo's Ring

    • Located on Migo's character. Killing him will give you this item. Migo is located on a beach a little further from where the Doctor is

    • This is located on Migo's body. To get this ring you can either kill Migo or give him a Yarrow flower which grows near the coffins. You have to give Magister Yarrow the ring as proof so she believes you on the location of her father. You can get the ring back by killing Magister Yarrow.

    • Anonymous

      19 Sep 2017 14:14  

      if you give back the ring to the daugther without killing the father (at thee end of the discussion) you can have the particularity "hero" to use in discussion (like human, mystic and such)

      • Anonymous

        16 Sep 2017 00:16  

        If you give migo the flower, get the ring, don't kill him, give it to the daughter, then follow her back, you speak with her, and you get the key, and various other rewards, you can then kill them both (tougher fight), and get the ring back, as well as migo's armor.

        • Anonymous

          11 Feb 2017 20:26  

          if you dont kill migo and instead bring yarrow to him she gives you a key to the fort but you have to give her the ring

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