The Purged Dragon

Quest Giver
Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 6+
Next Quest --
Previous Quest --

The Purged Dragon is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II

Important NPCs



  1. Hlep Slane to kill the witch and retrive her wand, or
  2. Steal the wand or
  3. Kill the Winter Dragon



  • On southeast of the island you see a winter dragon chained on ground. You can talk to him after you destory his chains.
  • Slane the winter dragon ask you to kill Radeka the Witch and take her wand back to him.
  • The witch hiden not far in a cave, becareful of her traps. You will find her after you passed her traps.
  • Defeat the witch and take the wand from her body.


Tips & Tricks

  • You can also keep the wand if you really like.
  • If you return the wand to dragon, he will help you when taking magisters' ship.

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