The Purged Dragon

Slaine the Winter Dragon
Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 6+
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The Purged Dragon is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II

Important NPCs



  1. Help Slane to kill the witch and retrive her wand or steal it
  2. Free or kill the Winter Dragon



On southeast of the island you see a winter dragon chained on ground. You can talk to him after you destroy his chains. CNTRL + Click on them to attack them. Slane the Winter Dragon ask you to kill Radeka the Witch and take her wand back to him. The witch is hidden not far in a cave, be careful of her traps. (You can telekinesis barrels to block the gas vent) Defeat the witch and take the wand from her body or if you have 2 Thievery you can steal it from her. Take the wand back to Slaine and free him or kill him. If you free him he will destroy The Shriekers for you during the Call to Arms quest.


Tips & Tricks

  • The dragon will come in to help when you get to the final Alexander fight, by casting a spell on the shriekers in the front of the entry (ignores the 2 shriekers to the right part that goes to the chest). If these are dead, he will not show up! 

  • If you want the XP and loot for killing Slane but still wish for the dragon's help with Shriekers, give him Radeka's purging wand and attack Slane whilst he is still in dragon form. You would be rewarded with the exp for saving Slane as well as the rewards for killing him.

    • Anonymous

      05 Nov 2017 16:15  

      Hi everybody

      1) i stole the wand from Radeka without killing her
      2) i freed the dragon from stakles and gave him the purging wand, he became a Lizard and offered to help me later.
      3) i destroyed myself 4 schriekers of 5 near alexander
      3) i defeated Alexander without seeing the dragon (but with the help of Matis and another seeker who now are dead...)
      4) i killed Radeka (now i was stronger and the fight was easier)
      5) now "the purged dragon" quest say that i have saved the dragon but also that i have to pick up the wand from the dead body of the Witch, the same wand i already gave to Slane...

      result: the quest remains open...
      any advices ?

      • Anonymous

        03 Oct 2017 11:34  

        If you need help with Alexander and the void worm. Try using teleport to grab alexander far away from his allies. Beat him until the voidworm arrives, then leave them to fight each other. Most of his allies should rush to aid him against the worm and they will all die. That's what I did on tactician difficulty. Also, it seems if you damage a target enough before the void worm takes them out, you can get experience. Sometimes he will thrash someone and you wont get any exp though. I got over 7k exp when Alexander died, though it wasn't clear if it was exp for killing him or just quest exp.

        • Anonymous

          03 Oct 2017 04:36  

          Came here to see how to get his help against Alexander and the Void Worm. Found out he only helps with the Shriekers I already killed. So now I get *****ed out of the quest?

          • Anonymous

            01 Oct 2017 05:19  

            >make out with creepy psycho thot
            >gets disease
            >thot still tries to kill you, dies anyway
            >realize not many options for getting purge items
            >kill dragon cuck
            >get phat lewt, 6k xp

            • Anonymous

              29 Sep 2017 18:12  

              You know when a dragon would be useful? When a giant *****ing void worm springs up from the ground trying to eat you! THAT'S WHEN!

              • Anonymous

                27 Sep 2017 23:30  

                he only kills the shriekers? well that's fkin useless, i can take care of em myself. i expected him to swoop down and wreck my enemies or something.

                • Anonymous

                  26 Sep 2017 04:55  

                  I found the way how to get his loot and make him appear to help at fort (lol).
                  Give him the wand and while still he's a dragon and chatting with your speaker, attack him with another character.
                  You will get quest XP, then when he will revert back to non-dragon form fight will occur.
                  Kill him and get his loot. When you will come to the wall he will appear and kill shriekers anyway.
                  You ll get loot, double xp and satisfaction ;)

                  • Anonymous

                    23 Sep 2017 21:14  

                    Poor guy, he just wanted to stick his purging wand inside the witch's blood rose. Can we really blame him?

                    I still killed him for the loot though, and saved myself from a buggy quest it seems.

                    • Anonymous

                      22 Sep 2017 11:46  

                      hmm i don't know if this changes things, when i gave the wand to slane i choose the second option that said, "i hope you will make a good ally" or something like that and he come to help. Previously on my first playthrough i chose the first option and he didn't show up, maybe this affect it?

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Sep 2017 10:35  

                        As much as I wanted toto help him I got more exp and awesome loot + achievement killing him...sadly I couldnt find out if he help you later in the game but I had cleared the shrikers myself so he wouldnt have showed up...maybe he does show up later in game...we'll have toto wait for official guides to see...maybe a second plauthrough

                        • Anonymous

                          19 Sep 2017 14:17  

                          The dragon is a *****. He didn't come to help because I cleared the shriekers myself before saving him. But he couldn't clear the other shriekers on the right then?
                          What bullshit

                          • Anonymous

                            19 Sep 2017 13:03  

                            To complete this quest, do not purge the shriekers and just walk up to them until Slane shows up and destroys them. This closes the quest.

                            • Anonymous

                              19 Sep 2017 05:57  

                              It seems like there's a failure case where you do too many of the objectives at once before starting the fight sequence. It seems like if you get Radeka's purging wand, use it on the dragon, and then get the wand from the Dark Cavern, and then use the second wand to clear the shriekers... this leaves no room to clear Slane?

                              • Anonymous

                                19 Sep 2017 03:24  

                                to all the people that are saying that slane didnt help them, in my case he destroyed the 3 shriekers that prevent you from progressing right before the fight with a worm that is near the ending of act 1.

                                • Anonymous

                                  18 Sep 2017 17:28  

                                  "We have left Fort Joy behind us, and Slane as well. He'll have to save himself."

                                  "We gave Radeka's Purging Wand to Slane, and he transformed into a lizard."

                                  He did not show up for the ship fight. After leaving fort Joy Island I had a lot of quest logs saying I failed (Freed elf, fort joy arena) even though I am 100% sure I actually did.

                                  Feels bad.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    17 Sep 2017 15:09  

                                    Also he did not appear in the fight against the magisters. This is bullshit.

                                    "We have left Fort Joy behind us, and Slane as well. He'll have to save himself."

                                    "We gave Radeka's Purging Wand to Slane, and he transformed into a lizard."

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