The Teleporter

Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 4+
Next Quest --
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The Teleporter is a main Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Fort Joy is currently locked up and no one allowed to leave this area. However, a fellow inmate, Gawin, suggests he can help you escape with teleportation equipment.



Important NPCs




  1. Retrieve Teleportation Glove
  2. Use Teleportation Glove to escape




Talk to Gawin, an inmate inside Fort Joy and said you are interested in his plan. Go to the crocodilians nest on a nearby beach (Marked on your map by Gawin, remember only the character get that quest from Gawin can see the mark.), kill those monsters, and find the Teleportation Glove from Their bodies. Make sure Teleportation Glove is on your character, let this character talk to Gawin. He will lead you to Hidden Alcove, so be sure to follow him. Teleport Gawin to the ledge below (not the beach!) then teleport him to the mossy rock across the gulch. Follow him to Fort Joy Harbour. You will witness Gawin's death and the quest will be completed. Use the cavern on the beach below to enter the Holding Cells or, sneak or fight your way past the enemies in front of you to escape Fort Joy. Be warned, you cannot return after you teleport off the cliff's edge.

Note if you had cleared Fort Joy Harbour prior to completing this quest, Gawin escapes into The Hollow Marshes is killed east of where the Flaming Pigs are located.



Tips & Tricks

  • If you teleported Gawin to the beach at the bottom, the quest can still be completed. Gavin will run away afterward, but you can teleport your party member to other side of the cliff. Then you can proceed to Holding cells via the beach below (there's an entrance there). There are multiple ways to go inside Fort Joy, the simplest one is to teleport one of your party member to the second level of the fort (South to the magisters guarding the fort entrance), and then put the ladder down so rest of your team may climb up. 
  • It is advised you open the passage behind The Divines Wayshrine in Fort Joy before doing this quest so you can return through there afterwards if you wish.

    • Anonymous

      22 Nov 2017 00:12  

      I did this quest on first play through, I was thoroughly exploring the island after and found him running around randomly on the west beach (where the source hound and dead magister is). I couldn't talk to him so I followed him to see where he was going then he just suddenly died. Kinda funny, but I wonder why the devs didnt just spawn his corpse instead of having him run to where the corpse is supposed to be.

      • Anonymous

        16 Sep 2017 01:01  

        I forgot to follow him and now can't find him or the beach. Where is it? I need to find it to find fane right?

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