Increases the duration of damage statuses caused by your skills and surfaces by 1 turn.



Torturer is a talent in Divinity: Orignal Sin 2.



  • This talent only applies to damage statuses; non-damaging statuses like Knocked down  are not affected.
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    • Anonymous

      18 Oct 2017 08:40  

      Does this work if I put poison on an undead character? It's a damaging ability but it's being used as a healing power.

      • Anonymous

        15 Oct 2017 11:32  

        Damage on Tick spells (DoT). Acid, Posioned, Burning, Necrofire, Bleeding are applicable to get a +1 to status.

        Wet, Stunned, Shocked, Decaying, chilled, diseased, crippled, embweed, frozen, cryogenic stasis etc. Anything that causes damage on the enemy's turn regardless if they move or not. Ruptured tendons only triggers on movement, so it may not be applicable as its a conditional damage tick.

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