Troubled Waters

Location  Hold
Suggested Level 1
Next Quest Fort Joy

Troubled Waters is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II

Eascape the prison ship.

Important NPCs



  1. FInd Magister William
  2. Escape the ship
  3. Save the fellow prisoners



  • There are many fellow prisoners on this ship, including your future teammates. (Note that you can not recruit them right now). There are some Iootable crates and sacks, insideyou can found some coins. But don't loot the objects with red names, that considered steal and may result in others attacking you. (You can come back later after they are dead.Not steal if you take from dead people zp)
  • Once you reached the stern, you will see a prisoner attacked magisters. The use of source abilities summoned voidwokens to this ship. You can now loot from dead bodies and explore the ship, but right now other prisoners are in coma. (You can also back to the torture room where you awake and slay that magister, and loot some coins from her.)
  • Go upstairs and search the rest part of the ship, be aware of the fire on ground, if you step on fire you will burn and keep losing health. Head to the deck, a giant Kraken appears and attack the ship. Now you need to fight some voidwokens in order to reach another side of the deck.
  • Once you reached the lifeboat, a kid on boat asks you to find other survivors on this ship. Agree to that, so you can earn more xp. Use the Iaddar next to the life boat to reach lower deck, now the other prisoners are awake, but this place is also filled with voidwokens. Defeat the enemies by planning your move, dont let yourself been ambushed by multiple voidwokens and use the prisoners as shield. After the battle, return to lifeboat But before you can reach it, the Kraken destoryed the entire ship.


Tips & Tricks

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