What a Fuss to have Wrought

Quest Giver
Location The Arx
Suggested Level ???
Next Quest ???
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What a Fuss to have Wrought is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

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What a Fuss to have Wrought Objectives

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What a Fuss to have Wrought Walkthrough


If you asked for a loan from an old woman called Sanguinia Tell, she will ask some vial of blood of yours to ensure you will repay her in time. (If you are undead, vial of bone marrow )

Sanguinia Tell keeps the vial in her cellar, you can sneak in to take it back.

When the time comes, you can repay her, or refuse. If your vial is still in her possession, you will be killed, if not, she won't be able to punish you.



Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      16 Oct 2017 23:19  

      Edit: Oops I made a mistake. I did find the vial, and you get something like 60k exp for getting it back. The quest seems to update internally somehow

      • Anonymous

        16 Oct 2017 23:08  

        Same. I tried talking to the lady and the quest didn't activate. You can sneak into the cellar, but I couldn't find my vial in the cupboard. It might be in the "well worn chest" but its being watched. If you go in the cellar without sneaking you get attacked by Sanguinia and her debt collectors

        • Anonymous

          24 Sep 2017 22:26  

          This quest doesn't activate for me when I ask for a loan and accept her terms. Going into her cellar doesn't do anything but initiate combat with her debt collectors. No journal updates at all. Must be bugged.

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