Wishful Thinking

Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 12
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Wishful Thinking is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Coming across a lamp on the beach, you are afforded the opportunity to be granted a wish. How lucky will you be?


Important NPCs

  • Djinn


Wishful Thinking Objectives

  1. Talk to the Djinn.
  2. Kill the Djinn, or get one of his wishes.
  3. Pass the speech check and get a good wish.


Wishful Thinking Walkthrough

When encountering an ancient lamp on a beach southwest of Driftwood, you can choose to rub the lamp or destroy it. Destroying it will free the Djinn from the lamp and initiate combat. Rubbing the lamp releases the Djinn, where you can engage in lengthy conversation with it.

Ultimately, you will have to pass a speech check, whereby depending if you pass or fail, you might end up in combat, or be able to wish for power, wealth, knowledge, or to "wipe your enemies from sight".

If you choose any of the speech checks and fail, the Djinn will initiate combat and you will have to kill him.

If you choose any speech check besides the Intelligence speech check or the Finesse [Mystic] (with the tag) speech check and succeed, he will begrudgingly give you a bad wish. Choosing the Wits speech check and succeeding will simply cause him to disappear without granting you any wish. In any case, the bad wish results are as follows:

  1. Wishing for power strikes the character with lightning, dealing damage and causing knockdown.
  2. Wishing for wealth gives you a stolen Djinn's Gift amulet (worth 4770 gold). Unfortunately, every guard that meets you will ask to see your bags.
  3. Wishing for knowledge will give you the Children's Tales book, which is filled with insults to the player character.
  4. Wishing to wipe your enemies from sight will strike your entire party with permanent blindness.

If you choose the Intelligence speech check or the Finesse [Mystic] speech check and pass, the Djinn will grant you a good wish. The options are the same as above, but instead of receiving horrible results, you will receive amazing ones, which are detailed in the Rewards section below. After receiving your wish, the quest concludes. You will receive 9750XP (6950XP if on XP rescaled patch).

All preset characters (such as Sebille and Lohse) have a character-specific dialogue option. In each case though, the Djinn will always deny the request and you will have to select one of the other wishes instead.

Also, an alternate way, if you don't care for any of the wish rewards, is to kill the Djinn, since it scales to your level. Simply engage the Djinn and kill him, and although you forfeit the 6950XP plus any potential wish rewards for completing the quest, you will still gain the hollow lamp and XP dependent on the Djinn's level (which is tied to your level). For example, you will gain 5575XP at level 10, 10775XP at level 12 and all the way up to 55,800XP at level 17 for banishing the Djinn.

Note that you can safely stow the lamp in your backpack at any level and simply put it on the ground and interact with it at any time, since the Djinn's level will scale with yours just fine.




  • If you kill the Djinn without receiving any wish, you will be able to obtain the hollow lamp (worth 2000 gold) and some XP that is dependent on your current level, as the Djinn's level will scale with yours. For example, you will gain 5575XP at level 10, 10775XP at level 12 and all the way up to 55,800XP at level 17 for banishing the Djinn.
  • Choosing any wish (good or bad) leaves the character with the hollow lamp (worth 2000 gold) and 9750XP.
  • Wishing for power nets you a Unique One-handed Level 9 Sword, the Djinn's Scimitar (+1 Wits, +1 Single-handed, +1 Aerotheurge, 23-25 Physical Damage, and 1 Rune Slot).
  • Wishing for wealth nets you an (unstolen) amulet that does nothing, called the Djinn's gift, but which is worth 4770 gold.
  • Wishing for knowledge nets you a random Level 3 Skill Book.
  • Wishing to be able to wipe your enemies from sight nets you a level 5 scroll "Hailstorm".




Tips and Tricks:

  • If you want to kill the Djinn, simply stow the full lamp into your backpack and this will allow you to summon and fight the Djinn at a later time and a more favorable location of your choosing, like in the middle of the Driftwood marketplace.

    • Anonymous

      12 Nov 2017 12:19  

      Sell him to an npc in driftwood and have fun. Make sure you wipe all traders clean beforehand. Easiest way to kill him

      • Anonymous

        20 Oct 2017 14:55  

        That djinn was a douchebag and that's why his godwoken powers were denied, but he didnt even learn from that. So begone. I was glad to kill him.

        • Anonymous

          16 Oct 2017 22:20  

          Passed the Finesse talk option and then chose "wish for power" and got hit by lightning. Don't know how the 'good' rewards/wishes work...

          • Anonymous

            15 Oct 2017 04:52  

            After the recent patch I pass the intelligence and finesse checks and still get the bad reward. The djinn has nothing but contempt for you and apparently won't give you anything good.

            • Anonymous

              09 Oct 2017 05:20  

              As Fane, I passed with 3 persuasion and EITHER 30 int for the int check or the finesse check. IF YOU'RE ROLLING FOR A SPECIFIC SKILLBOOK, or just one you'd potentially use, use a save BEFORE going down the vines... or maybe simply before your character says something about the lamp.

              • Anonymous

                27 Sep 2017 00:54  

                Well this quest gave me a 10 hour nightmare running around in Driftwood trying to avoid any contact with those bloody Magisters, because when you sell it it still counts as if it is in your godsdamned inventory. This is a bug, what caused me 10 hours of my life trying to solve it somehow. Don't be me, use my tipp:

                Also a tipp: Get a Mystic character (Fane or Lohse), put at least 5 points of persuation on him at the Lady Vengeance, teleport to this ballsack Djinn, get a succesful persuation, take your reward (welth or knowledge, the others seems to have no effect since you will immediately upgrade the sword and use up the scroll), then go back to the Lady Vengeance, put the points back where they were, and live a happiy along.

                • Anonymous

                  26 Sep 2017 13:32  

                  be careful with the wealth wish. if you get the negative amulet as a gift, even if you sell/drop it magisters will still constantly stop you and ask to check your bags. even though it's not in your bag/equipped they will say they found it in your bag and attack.

                  not sure how far of an impact it has. I haven't left the 2nd act yet but literally every magister tries to stop me so far even though I sold the amulet. hopefully it stops after a point because I'm already good 6+ hours beyond the point of return...

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Sep 2017 15:06  

                    With Lohse, you can ask the djinn to kill the thing that is in your head, but he says he can't and demands you to choose again.

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Sep 2017 16:28  

                      whoever designed that fight needs to be executed. this was the most annoying fight i have had in the game. ***** YOU GAME DEVS.

                      the cowardly little ***** runs away and teleports away over and over and he heals himself and summons water minions too.

                      ***** THIS PIECE OF***** NPC

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Sep 2017 17:36  

                        Persuasion 5 and 31 INT were enough to pass.
                        Reward for knowledge was fixed for me, reloading the save and wishing again havent changed the reward. It was Thick of the Fight Skillbook for me.

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Sep 2017 16:56  

                          Its not true only intelligence check will lget the rewards.. Got it with finesh check and i got the lamp and the amulet for 4770 gold..

                          • Anonymous

                            20 Sep 2017 20:08  

                            only intelligence check will get the good rewards
                            djinn's scimitar for power
                            djinn's gift for wealth (not stolen) 4770 gold
                            a skill book for knowledge
                            a skill scroll for wipe your enemies
                            and wit check pass for him to disappear.... attack him for nothing, even corpse

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