Wits is an Attribute in Divinity Original Sin 2.




Wits increase critical chance, help to reveal secrets and traps and allow you to get out of delicate social situations as well as determines initiative and persuasion.

  • ?? per point
  • 1 Initiative per point
  • ?? per point

    • Anonymous

      25 Sep 2017 16:45  

      This is the most important attribute in the game. It may not seem great at first glance and it might be tempting to invest points into the primary attribute of your class for extra damage and utility, but most battles(especially on tactician), are determined by which group is able to effectively CC their enemies first.

      Ensuring your party members get the ability to make the first move means you can effectively kill or neutralize 1-2 enemies before they even get the chance to do anything. This is the difference between a fight being a cakewalk and struggling with 1-2 of your characters being stunlocked every turn.

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