A Craftsman of Dreams and Nightmares

toyseller sanders
Toyseller Sanders
Location The Arx
Suggested Level 18
Next Quest Hammerfall
Previous Quest Finding Lord Arhu

A Craftsman of Dreams and Nightmares is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. The Toyseller was once part of the group that designed the Tomb of Lucian, and as such, may have information on how to bypass the traps. Would you be able to find him?

Definitive Edition: This quest doesn't exist anymore and the tasks are done in the sub-quest "Wisdom of the Keeper" of the main-quest "Hammerfall".


Important NPCs



  1. Speak to Toyseller Sanders.
  2. Persuade him to help you get through the Path of Blood.



At the Magister's vault beneath the barracks, you can find a book titled, "Report on the Toyseller" to learn something about this sourcerer and start this quest. Alternatively, Lord Arhu, once freed, can also tell you to seek the Toyseller's help to get into the Cathedral. Arhu telling you about this will grant you 53,900XP for this endeavor.

In any case, go to the Toyseller's shop, and persuade him (check or fight) to help you. If you spoke to Arhu, you can tell him that Arhu sent him to help you get into the path of blood and he will agree to help you, giving you a source amulet. You will receive 53,900XP and 96,950XP and the quest is complete.

Before you leave, make sure to head upstairs and interact with the locked desk with the painting of Alexandar, using the password "Giyora" to unlock the desk and take the scroll of atonement. If you succeeded in persuading him or persuaded him via Arhu's recommendation, you will not need to worry since you won't have to steal the scroll, but if you failed the speech check then you'll have to steal the scroll.

Both the source amulet and the scroll are needed to open the hatch in the Cathedral.  The source amulet must be filled with source to be used to open the hatch.  This can be done by equipping the amulet onto one of your characters and abosrbing source (via source vampirism, a Source Orb, etc) while already having their source points filled.  The "overflow" source absorbed will instead fill the amulet, and once full this can be used to open the hatch in the Cathedral along with the scroll.  Note that the many dead bodies by the gate to Arx can be an easy place for a lot of Source Vampirism.




  • 53,900XP for speaking to Arhu and learning that Toyseller Sanders can help.
  • 53,900XP plus 96,950XP for convincing him to help you get through the Path of Blood.

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    • Anonymous

      23 Jan 2021 00:37  

      You apparently won't obtain the password to the scroll cabinet if you let Sanders live. Inconsitency in a plot?

      • Anonymous

        12 Dec 2020 13:16  

        I accidentally killed the Toy maker a very long time ago and now can't open the chest to get the scroll. I know what the password is meant to be but it doesn't appear as an option. What I can do?? please help, i'm stuck!

        • Anonymous

          03 Dec 2020 10:10  

          I climbed from outside of his window while exploring the city then his dolls alerted him and triggered a fight which resulted his death.

          • Anonymous

            29 May 2020 21:53  

            May 2020, Definitive Edition, an alternative i encountered which no one so far mentionned, i had him chicken clawed and almost dead, when his turn came, he beged me to leave him alone and he would tell me everything i needed for the Path of Blood, he told me about the amulet and the scroll, then gave me his amulet and told me the password to get the scroll in his desk and told me the procedures.... it ask me if i wanna let him go now or kill him, came here to figure out what i should do...

            • Anonymous

              10 Nov 2019 12:26  

              When I first arrived in Arx I spoke to Sanders I found him creepy and I tought he was a pedophile or whatever so I pickpocketed him and got his amulet. The quest got bugged even after freeing Arhu he would'nt want to speak to me so I killed him and all of his muppets to get the scroll. Dont pickpocket his source amulet.

              • Anonymous

                21 Sep 2019 22:25  

                so, i killed Sanders early on in the game. I looted him, and went on with the game. Now i have Ahru sorted and found out i need some Amulett from Sanders. I cant find it anymore though. I talked to every living NPC I could find but apparently I havent sold it. I do however have the scroll from Sanders. Any Ideas where to find it? Or is it possible to finish the main quest without the amulett? Help would be appreciated

                • Anonymous

                  08 Jun 2019 10:49  

                  There is no quest like this in DE. You just talk to him after rescuing ahru and he tells you what you need to do. Also when you go up the god king will possess the dolls and attack you with source spells (mostly chain lightning and epidemic of fire).

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Jan 2019 13:10  

                    what I've learned from playing this game: If you like to explore and can't be arsed to read 1000s of pages of walkthroughs before you start a new area/quest/talk to an NPC: SAVE OFTEN! Why I say that : in many cases, dialog will accidentally start between important NPCs and a member of your party who doesn't have sufficient persuasion. They'll fail the dialog test, the NPC will aggro and get killed = your game is effed. Or, you'll stroll into places like the Fort Joy Arena, you'll think it's fun to try the fight at lvl 2, lose it, then discover that this was your only chance in the arena and the blacksmith won't remove your collar = your game is effed. Or, you'll see these vines you can climb in Arx, curious cat that you are 'oh, I wonder what's up there' you'll say, the moment you're up top you'll aggro the damn toys and the toymaster, no option but to kill them = your game is effed. So if you enjoy exploring but can't be arsed to read (or don't like spoilers), at least SAVE OFTEN!

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Dec 2018 07:25  

                      Fyi, in the definitive edition, the Report on the Toyseller book is not in the Magister's vault. It's instead on the dead body of Magister Brannt outside of the sewers.

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Oct 2018 03:48  

                        For the people who want a non violent recharch for their amulet, you can also refill the amulet with the source fountain in Lord Kemm's vault, where Arhu was imprisoned.

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Aug 2018 23:48  

                          If you killed Sanders, you need to loot his body and take amulet (if you don't have it already) and "Unsent letter to Giyora". When you read that letter, password option will appear. (You still might need to use character with SCHOLAR tag). Took me a while since I found a way to open that chest after killing that oldman ;)

                          • Anonymous

                            03 Mar 2018 23:19  

                            For those who've killed Sanders and are wondering how to open his locked chest, the character opening the chest must have the scholar tag or the option to use the password doesn't appear.

                            • 24 Jan 2018 23:10  

                              Get caught on upstairs. Kill all the toys which give 107k Exp EACH!! then the shopkeeper will come. Dont kill him leave him alive with low hp. Then he will talk and say all the things necessary which will give 96k exp. After he will try to escape. Put one of your party members close to the stairs. When he tries to go downstairs kill him (automatically fight will start) kill the shopkeeper which gives 77k exp. Go downstairs the toys will automatically atack you Each of them Gives 77k exp Kill them too. Then go upstairs and open the drawer with code. 5 toys upstairs , 6 toys downstairs (one of them deactivated which wont atack but kill it too it gives same amount of exp). Whole proccess gives around 1176.5 K EXP!!!!

                              • Anonymous

                                06 Jan 2018 00:09  

                                For those who already killed the toymaker while barging in to his private quarters read the letter on him and your character learns the password for acquiring scroll of atonement

                                • Anonymous

                                  23 Nov 2017 09:47  

                                  this quest is so *****ing complicated and such bullshit. there are too many parts that need to intersect. Ive killed the toyseller so wtf am I supposed to do about this scroll I know nothing about?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    16 Nov 2017 11:24  

                                    I pickpocketed the amulet then rescued arhu, now I cant get the scroll from sanders peacefully even I fully filled the amulet and quest log says to speak to sanders. There is no new dialogue option.

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