A Danger to Herself and Others

Gregorius Swann
Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 12
Next Quest None
Previous Quest None

A Danger to Herself and Others is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. In your travels, you meet a physician beside himself with worry over a recent patient. It turns out that the patient is afflicted with some sort of sickness. Will you be able to help her?



Important NPCs

  • Natalie Bromhead
  • Gregorius Swann



A Danger to Herself and Others Objectives

  1. Meet the healer Gregorius Swann near the Stonegarden Cemetery.
  2. Convince him to let your party into his house to see the patient.
  3. Enter the cellar.
  4. Cure the woman. (choice)
  5. Kill the woman. (choice)



A Danger to Herself and Others Walkthrough

Northeast of Stonegarden Cemetery, you will come across a healer's home. Persuade him to tell you about his troubles and let you into his house to cure an afflicted Sourcerer.

Follow the healer into the cellar, and from here, you will have 2 options: kill her or cure her. If you approach her with a non-Scholar character, there will be no option to cure her and the only recourse is to kill all the enemies that appear. If you approach her with a [SCHOLAR] character, however, you can point out that she is suffering from a trepanation wound, and the healer will ask you not to kill her during the ensuing fight so he can attempt to cure her. In any case, both ways will lead to the sourcerer and attacking you, summoning 4 enemies that will join her in the fight (they are labelled as Natalie's Anguish, Natalie's Fury, Natalie's Despair, and Natalie's Fear)

In the ensuing fight, you will face off with 4 Natalie emotion monsters and Natalie herself. Each will award 10775XP (2700 in Definitive) when killed. If you choose to cure her, you will have to weaken her by dropping her to low health. The moment you weaken her, however, all emotions despawn. Thus, for maximum XP gain, it is crucial to kill off all 4 emotions before weakening her.

After you successfully weaken her, you will engage in dialogue to begin the surgery. In order to ensure she doesn't die from surgery, you will need to start the operation as soon as possible. Note that there is a hidden stat check for Intelligence and Finesse required to successfully perform the surgery. It is quite low, however, so simply casting Clear Mind on any character with base stats of 10 should be enough to clear the check. Afterwards, pick the dialogue options:

"Ask Swann to help keep her steady."
"Select a pair of delicate tweezers and gently try to remove the maggot"
and finally "Slowly close up the wound".

You will successfully cure her and receive 13450XP for your troubles. Speak to Gregorius Swann to obtain 50 Attitude, and an epic-quality reward of your choice. He will also be available as a healer and trader from now onwards (his healing spell will damage Undead though). The quest is complete at this point.

If she doesn't survive from surgery, you gain no XP and you will lose attitude points with Swann. The quest will be complete, as if you killed her yourself (except you receive no XP from killing her compared to if you went with the "kill her" route in the beginning).

If you choose to kill her, simply finish off all enemies and the quest is complete.




  • 5800XP for persuading the healer to let you into his home.
  • 10775XP for killing each Natalie emotion and Natalie herself, for a total of 53,875XP if you decide to go for the "Kill her" route.
  • 10775XP for killing each Natalie emotion (2700 in Definitive) and 13450XP for curing Natalie, for a total of 56,550XP if you go for the "Cure her" route.
  • Gregorius Swann will be available as a healer and trader, along with +50 Attitude and an Epic reward of your choice if you successfully manage to cure her.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use a [SCHOLAR] character to persuade Gregorius Swann to let you help
  • Use a [SCHOLAR] character when approaching Natalie Bromhead to allow curing her.

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    • Anonymous

      09 Jun 2021 19:54  

      you can do the surgery and after you succeed and got all your reward...KILL HER FOR MORE EXP. If he healer accuse you of murder just bribe him..400gold for 11k exp? not a bad deal.. not a bad deal at all

      • Anonymous

        02 May 2021 08:20  

        I explicitly chose the 'Tweezers' option during the 2nd step, and the game instead gave me the text for the Forceps question, resulting in her death?

        Not sure if this is a bug, or if there's a hidden stat check even when using the Scholar Character?

        • Anonymous

          21 Mar 2021 06:51  

          Definitive Edition XP:
          +5400 xp for persuading Swann in dialogue
          +2700 xp per summon from Natalie (10,800 xp total) Note: this doesn't seem to change whether you decide to kill or cure Natalie
          +13,450 xp and epic loot choice for curing Natalie vs only 10,775 xp and no loot for killing her

          Best option for most xp and loot seems to be the "curing" route.

          • Anonymous

            28 Nov 2020 22:12  

            What can't the special dialogue simply trigger if the scholar character is in your party, without the need to lead the encounter with them ? If the scholar isn't your main character you're likely to miss the good ending completely. That bafflingly bad quest design in a game that aces this aspect most of the time. I don't get it.

            • Anonymous

              12 Nov 2020 17:51  

              You don't seem to need high int to cure her.

              Had high Wits and 11 INT, 10 finesse.

              Have the guy keep her steady, then choose the most gentle options from there.

              • Anonymous

                23 Oct 2020 02:33  

                If the girl has "Resist Death," she survives the procedure no matter what you pick. You get the achievement by speaking to her after the surgery but before Resist Death wears off - and then she immediately dies.

                • Anonymous

                  23 Sep 2020 01:22  

                  I didn't know how to save her so i thought you couldn't (i suspected you could though, i just didn't look it up), so I defeated her and left. I came back near the end of act II and Swann is dead in the basement :( I've no idea what happened xD

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Jun 2020 23:20  

                    You can do all of this without the healer if you lack the persuasion. Break into his house from the back, confront her with the scholar and proceed as normal. Fight her, defeat the monsters and weaken her.

                    After she falls, use clear mind on the person doing the surgery and just choose the gentle options. You can still heal her without the healer and still complete the mission. Just talk to the healer after returning upstairs

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Jun 2020 19:17  

                      done some tests. you can do the operation with 10 finesse and 12 int which you can get with some food.i used honey for +2 int. also i used a scholar for the surgeon if that matters

                      • Anonymous

                        24 May 2020 02:21  

                        Be aware that it's possible to accidentally kill her with an Attack of Opportunity depending on how she decides to path around your characters while you're killing the emotions.

                        • Anonymous

                          03 May 2020 23:23  

                          interesting way to quickly kill the emotion summons as they have quite high magic/phys but very low actual hp. I used a combination of marksmans fang (~140-160 pierce damage and only a 2 turn cooldown) it insta kills them each time, and summon condor, which, if your summon level is high enough, has two attacks (main, and one skill based) that are both piercing attacks. If you summon the condor then, then wait for the cooldown to reset, then engage the girl with your "Scholar" tagged character. Tou can drop one instantly with marks fang, a second with the condor that same turn, use the rest of the party to support the condor and archer while also working on the girls armor. Next round the condor takes another emotion summon, round after that, marks fang the last one, condor has support incase marks fang misses/hits low damage. took three rounds of combat on a two man lone wolf to kill all 4 and trigger the even with the girl.

                          • Anonymous

                            20 Apr 2020 03:55  

                            is it a new thing that when she dies all the summons are "freed" with permanent enraged? Bc that was a difficult fight.

                            • Anonymous

                              27 Mar 2020 21:31  

                              For any wondering why weakening her isn't triggering the operation, for me it was because I wasn't initiating the encounter with my Scholar tagged character. When approaching her in the basement let your Scholar drive and choose the Scholar dialogue choice to enter combat. I also buffed my Scholar with INT, potion and clear mind, because my Scholar was not an INT build. Doing this I was finally able to complete the good ending to the quest and bag the extra XP from the emotion demons.

                              • Anonymous

                                12 Mar 2020 04:11  

                                I returned to check on her, and she is really mad at me! lol She asks, "Haven't you done enough harm already? Stay away from me." I have an option that says "Offer a gift. Perhaps it can heal old wounds." Does anyone know how to successfully win her back? I tried giving her all kinds of things. T_T She still hates me.

                                • Anonymous

                                  14 Jan 2020 09:00  

                                  '...simply casting Clear Mind on any character with base stats of 10 should be enough to clear the check.' - Wrong

                                  • Anonymous

                                    16 Oct 2019 01:18  

                                    I'm not even getting the option to try and cure her it's forcing me to kill her. I had her down to 5hp but the fight didn't end

                                    • Anonymous

                                      15 Oct 2019 23:32  

                                      There appears to be some sort of hidden skill check here - first tried w/ the Red Prince, who has scholar but is a melee character so low int. Failed the operation. Then tried with another character, scholar caster with high int, and the operation succeeded.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        25 Aug 2019 17:56  

                                        Surgery part is a pain in the ass. Ended up casting and encourage and peace of mind on the surgeon and used the options above.

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