A Familiar Face

Magister Delorus
Location The Nameless Isle
Suggested Level 16
Next Quest N/A
Previous Quest  

A Familiar Face is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs



A Familiar Face Objectives

  1. Keep Delorus alive
  2. Find Delorus' friends (optional).
  3. Escort him to the Elven Temple.



A Familiar Face Walkthrough

If you saved Delorus at Fort Joy (the Magister being beat up in the prison), he will join your team here in hopes of finding his fellow Magisters. Not too far north from where you find him, there are some dead Magisters that he will identify as his friends and you will have a chance to encourage or beat him down over his dead friend Magister Pearst. 

Simply escort Delorus to the Altar of Tir-Cindelius, where his colleagues are taking refuge. It is located north-east, where the Temple of Tir-Cendelius waypoint is.
You are rewarded Delorus's Bow upon completion.

Delorus is extremely weak, so he should not be brought into combat as he will die easily.

Serious Bug: If at any point in time you decide to tell Delorus to stay put and wait for you, there is a chance that when you tell him to rejoin your party, he won't. To rectify this, you will need to hire a mercenary at the Lady Vengeance and have them ask Delorus to rejoin the party instead. Because of this bug, it is highly recommended to split the party member he is attached to from your team instead of telling him to stay put.


Tips & Tricks

  • If Delorus dies at any point in time, resurrecting him does not restore the quest. The quest will still close and record him as being dead. 
  • If you did not convince Gareth to give up his quest for revenge, Gareth will be in the middle of confronting Delorus' colleagues upon arrival. It is possible to avoid this encounter entirely, by using the waypoint to make Delorus complete his quest and leave. You will have a persuasion check (43 in stat + 5 persuasion will fail, possibly not a check you can win) to attempt to convince him against attacking Alexandar. Unless Gareth does not attack, Delorus will immediately turn against you regardless of weither you take his side or not.

    • Anonymous

      19 Oct 2018 07:05  

      Be careful not to enter the academy before completing the quest. He disappeared on me when i accidently took the secret passage. Now i cant complete the quest and gareth shows up dead.

      • Anonymous

        16 Jun 2018 21:37  

        I didn't convince Gareth to give up his quest for revenge. I helped him get revenge. I didn't see him on Nameless Isle, though.

        • Anonymous

          01 Feb 2018 05:17  

          I teleported a wooden barricade so I could get past. For some reason, Delorus took that personally and attacked me.

          • Anonymous

            06 Nov 2017 13:06  

            On Honour Mode the game will auto save if he dies in battle. And given he is level 9... good luck with that. It's a horrible design to make him so weak yet have him be treated as a party member.

            • Anonymous

              01 Oct 2017 19:04  

              Talk to him to leave him in a spot so he does not die. When you get to the elvan temple (with him back), talk to the knight and ask where Alexandar is. He will leave and give you a pretty good level appropriate bow.

              • Anonymous

                27 Sep 2017 03:14  

                He died, I resurrected him. Journal says he is dead. Quest won't complete even when Delorus is right in front of Alex. 5th party member?

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