A King Reborn

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Location The Arx
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A King Reborn is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Learning that Vredeman is actually the mad Sourcerer King Braccus Rex, resurrected from the grave, you rush to ask Tarquin what's going on. But will you find out how to stop him?



Important NPCs



A King Reborn Objectives

  1. Learn the truth about Vredeman.
  2. Talk to Tarquin.



A King Reborn Walkthrough

At the second level of the magister's vault (beneath the barracks), you will find a book near the table, telling you that Dallis resurrected Braccus Rex. This quest is readily done in conjunction with the "The Last Stand of the Magisters" quest.

Return to the Hall of Echoes and confront Tarquin. He will admit that he indeed helped Dallis bring Braccus Rex back to life, but remark that he was forced to do so.

If you helped Tarquin earlier by helping him restore the pieces of Anathema back in Act II, he will give you the Anathema as compensation to help you defeat Braccus Rex. If you didn't help him back in Act II, he will remark bitterly that he could have helped you stop Braccus had you assisted him back then, but since you did not do so, he has nothing left to offer you. Either way, the quest ends and you will gain 58,175XP, regardless of the outcome.




  • "Anathema" weapon, if you helped Tarquin with his "All in the Family" quest back then in Act II.
  • 58,175XP upon completion of the quest.

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    • Anonymous

      14 Jul 2019 19:37  

      Thanks to Anon's (15 Jan 2019 20:31) post, the book may be acquired from the chest in the vault. I provided a detailed reply which I'll paste here: This is where the book journal is, as of right now at least; the chest in the vault with the long table where you fight gheists. The coordinates of the chest are approximately X: 140 Y: 45. A quick way here would be to work on the "Last Stand of the Magisters" quest, a link is provided above; go into the room with the hidden buttons behind paintings, enter the treasure room, and head down the hatch. You will (most likely) begin combat with the gheists, after which you can access the chest behind them (West of them on minimap). Be sure to give the above Anon a thumbs up if the info helped you.

      • Anonymous

        22 Mar 2019 12:55  

        what if i have anathema parts but i refused to give them to tarquin? i thought i could craft the blade on my own, i didn't trust tarquin, now i have the parts and don't know how to craft the blade

        • Anonymous

          12 Jun 2018 04:42  

          how do you get out of the hall of echoes after you talk to tarquin ? I tried the pyramids , there is nothing to click on to exit back to arx?

          • Anonymous

            07 Oct 2017 23:10  

            They nerfed brittle so it works as intended, you can't really use Anathema as a general purpose best 2h in the game anymore.

            • Anonymous

              02 Oct 2017 19:55  

              The quest gives Anathema only if you completed the 1st quest of Tarquin in Driftwood. I never met him near graveyard (may be a bug) so did not get a quest All in the family - and no weapon for me.

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