A Man and His Dog

The Idle Beggar
Location Driftwood
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A Man and His Dog is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. You find a man and his sick dog, will you toss a coin and move on or stick around and get the full story?



Important NPCs

  • Rusty (dog)
  • The Idle Beggar



A Man and His Dog Objectives

  1. Speak to the man, or his dog (Pet Pal required).
  2. Confront the beggar.
  3. If you helped the dog, find him in the graveyard.
  4. Investigate Rusty's information.



A Man and His Dog Walkthrough


At Driftwood, right next to the waypoint, there is a beggar with a sick dog. If you have Pet Pal talent, you can pet the dog and heal him, then you can let him know it's his master that hurts him. Once the dog runs away, you will find him in the graveyard. When you talk to the dog he will mention that the memorial near the centre smelled strange, similar to the Fish Works in Driftwood. Dogs location in the graveyard is (X:530 Y:65)



Tips & Tricks

  • You can confront the begger after you free the dog and ask for all his gold.
  • When helping the dog with his collar, select "Tell the dog that payment in gold is customary." so that you can get more gold out of the beggar later, then continue to ask the dog who did this to him. When confronting the beggar select the option that you will take half his earnings, he will give you 20 gold, if you select you want all his earnings he will give you only 5 gold. After that select a character with high thievery and do the option where you drop a penny to steal from his socks where he stores his gold. You will get 19 more gold from this and lose the penny you drop.

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    • Anonymous

      14 Feb 2019 20:33  

      If you want to be silly, you can over and over hand the beggar 1 coin by rapidly pressing the left mouse button while handing him one. I find it kinda awkward, that those lil' pieces of answers from the beggar that one can hear during the clickfest do sound a bit like: "Don't do that much!" .. Am I paranoid and is it just me? Or does Larian just have a kinda weird, but cool sense of humour? ^^

      • Anonymous

        06 Aug 2018 22:53  

        I found the finish. Just northeast of the dog at 542, 77 use spirit vision and you will see digger dayvus. Talk to him and then open the glowing grave. Bing, quest closed. Has nothing to do with four heroes.

        • Anonymous

          12 Jun 2018 01:49  

          when you go to the graveyard, DONT GO TO THE PART WITH THE FOUR HERO TOMBS, or else the quest will be unfinish forever, just go straight to the dog, and talk to him. BANG quest closed :D, then go to the heros

          • Anonymous

            05 May 2018 07:12  

            I found an item related to this quest, "Dog-Chewed Bones," in Stonegarden at coordinates X:515 Y:141

            People seem to think it's bugged but this item (in "Misc" inventory tab) helps you progress once Rusty has run away from the beggar, and it apparently is connected to the Law and Order questline (as a hint). Unfortunately, I discovered this for the first time on a new playthrough and haven't started the A Man and His Dog quest yet, so I don't yet know how to close this quest.

            • Anonymous

              11 Jan 2018 06:48  

              I think that the memorial referenced is the one containing the four undead you need to kill twice. I had already killed them before I talked to the dog the second time. After I talked to him the quest closed.

              • Anonymous

                18 Nov 2017 17:11  

                This piece of***** dog won't stop moving after I free him, can't talk to him afterwards. ***** Rex in it's dog ass.

                • Anonymous

                  25 Oct 2017 13:02  

                  I haven't noticed anyone say anything about this yet, but if you bless the alter the dog is talking about it spews out blood, then if you kill Ryker and bless it, no blood. Can anyone confirm? Given the blood situation I feel like this quest might involve the pump right beside the alter in some way.

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Oct 2017 01:27  

                    After telling the Beggar that I was going to tell people about how he made his dog wear a spiked collar, he tries to bribe me. The options are a penny, half, all of his earnings or turn and walk away. I turn and walk away and my quest log says that I extorted him?

                    • Anonymous

                      08 Oct 2017 10:23  

                      Still not fixed with the latest patch? I've opened every coffins in the graveyard and clicked every single object that looks like a memorial but nothing

                      • Anonymous

                        02 Oct 2017 11:22  

                        The dog mentions the fish works because you can get underneath the fish works if you sneak and lockpick the cellar door. Inside you'll find a log book and mysterious barrels one of them has weapons in it. When you take the weapons void creatures spawn. :) hope that helps you!

                        • Anonymous

                          30 Sep 2017 07:19  

                          i couldnt find an actual close to this, i think it just closes automatically when you leave reapers coast. "We have departed Reaper's Coast. Whatever came of the beggar and his dog, we do not know."

                          • Anonymous

                            28 Sep 2017 01:50  

                            After playing through 2.5 times I can honestly tell you I still don't understand 1/4th of these quests. I only just recently learned u should run around with spirit vision on 24/7

                            • Anonymous

                              A Man and His Dog [Divinity OS 2 Wiki]26 Sep 2017 09:38  

                              I think the dog's making a metaphorical pun by inference that the graveyard situation smells "fishy".

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