A Most Urgent Matter

A Most Urgent Matter
Location The Arx
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A Most Urgent Matter is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Charlie, Arhu's dog, has lost her ball. Can you help her find it?



Important NPCs



A Most Urgent Matter Objectives

  1. Find Charlie's ball
  2. Return the ball to Charlie.



A Most Urgent Matter Walkthrough

You can find Charlie outside the Cathedral to the west of th entrance. She is stalked by a hungry Lizard. Talk to her to start the quest. Lord Arhu's dog, wants her ball back - it was thrown out from a window from Arhu's private quarters by Lord Linder Kemm.

The ball is outside, on the lower ground, in front of the balcony of Lord Arhu's chambers (X:374 Y:463). Use teleport or telekinesis to get it.
Return the ball to Charlie, and she will share some information of Arhu's disappearance with you.

If you rescued Arhu already before starting this quest, this quest can no longer be started. Quest can still be started, quest plays out as though you still haven't found Arhu.



Tips & Tricks

  • If you already freed Lord Arhu, she will return to his chambers.
  • If you enter Lord Arhu's chambers for the first time, the quest Finding Lord Arhu will start/progress.
  • Pick up the dagger Domoh Dumora under the Pet Basket on the balcony.

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