A Prize Kill

Stag Trophy
Stag Trophy
Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 12
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A Prize Kill is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II

After interacting with a stag trophy in Ryker's mansion, you encounter the stag's spirit. It complains to you:
"For what prize would a foolish poacher discard his life? The answer lies at a hallow of wildflowers.
Seek it out and heed the wisdom the poacher would not." (meaning: Do not take from Ryker without permission)

Find the poacher's grave.

Important NPCs


A Prize Kill Objectives

  1. Use the spirit vision ability to see the deer trophy, mounted to the wall at the staircase in Ryker's mansion (X:494 Y:172).
  2. Talk to the spirit of stag.
  3. Find the bodies of the stag.


A Prize Kill Walkthrough

 The spirit of a stag implored us to seek out a halo of wildflowers. (Spirit of deer is in Ryker's mansion)

Uncover the burial place of the stag and the poacher that killed it (X:539 Y:223).


Tips & Tricks

  • Deer Head is under the main stairs leading to the 2nd floor. With Spirit Vision and Pet Pal, talk to the Spirit of the Stag, then go to the "Halo of Wildflowers" at the coordinates in the screenshot above.
  • Going to the area of the Halo of Wildflowers is good enough to close the quest, even if you don't have enough Wits to 'spot' the grave.
  • To spot the grave, you need at least 17 Wits.

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    • Anonymous

      27 May 2021 04:19  

      Just wanna say if you kill Ryker and reach to stag, the stag will not say anything and quest didn't appear

      • Anonymous

        01 Nov 2020 16:28  

        During my (second) run through I needed 17 Wits to find the burial spot (I literally found it when I increased my Wits on the very spot from 16 to 17).

        • Anonymous

          28 Jun 2020 18:00  

          PC Def. Edition. Even if you unburied the chest before you acquire this quest, visiting the chest location again will complete the quest and award XP.

          • Anonymous

            21 Jun 2020 02:01  

            The quest will bug out, and you will be unable to receive it if you do not have Pet Pal the first time you attempt to speak to the Spirit of a Deer

            • Anonymous

              14 Jun 2020 00:40  

              You must speak to the spirit of the deer in Ryker's place first. If you dig up the burial spot first, the quest will bug out, and you will be unable to complete it. Completing the quest gives 5800 XP in DE.

              • Anonymous

                08 Feb 2019 22:32  

                but but but... how can you dig up the entire corpse of the deer when its head is in ryker's house?! THIS MAKES NO SENSE.

                • Anonymous

                  01 Jan 2018 01:20  

                  Tried both Ryker's house deer andr digging up the body first. Neither method will initiate the A Prize Kill quest. (Spirit Vision + Pet Pal).
                  The deer in the house did say "halo of wildflowers" but no quest was activated.

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Oct 2017 04:56  

                    I had already dug up the body before meeting the stag. So the quest does not begin. Perhaps it might have if I still had deer-parts in my inventory.

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