A Rare Prey

Quest Giver
Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 5-14
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A Rare Prey is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. A long trail of blood starts from Windego, and doesn't seem to end. Why are people trying to kill you? Or rather, why the Godwoken?



Important NPCs

  • Gareth
  • Roost Anlon
  • Windego



A Rare Prey Objectives

  1. Encounter Windego and defeat her on the beach.
  2. Ask Gareth about the Godwoken.
  3. Kill Bishop Alexandar.
  4. Find a contract by the Lone Wolves that states they were paid to hunt down Godwoken.
  5. Confront Roost Anlon and kill him.



A Rare Prey Walkthrough

  1. Can be acquired by learning that Bishop Alexandar has a Godwoken in captive.
  2. After you escape Fort Joy, you can find Windego at the northern beach. Defeat her.
  3. In the Sanctuary of Amadia, speak with Gareth. You must have rescued Gareth during the Most Dangerous When Cornered quest first.
  4. At the Driftwood Tavern, Baran informs you that the Lone Wolves have been tasked with killing Godwokens. 
  5. When you find Roost, he will tell you that Alexandar is still alive and hiding on an island. Then he will ask you to turn over your fellow Godwokens. No matter what you say, a fight is inevitable. Defeat him.
  6. Loot Roost's body and you will find a parchment stating that the Divine Order is behind the contracts to kill Godwoken.

 Note: This quest closes in Act III, not II.



  • Killing Lord & Lady will award 10400XP each, for a total of 20,800XP.
  • Killing Roost and his Shadow bodyguards will award 20775XP, for a total of 62,325XP.

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    • Anonymous

      04 Dec 2017 18:52  

      For anyone that wonders why this Quest does not complete in Act II - it will close in Act III - spoiler alert - when you kill The Sallow Man who is the man behind the Black Mirrors

      • Anonymous

        03 Dec 2017 01:42  

        yea...I killed Roost and all the Lone Wolves, talked to the ghosts out front, finished the Livewood Log's quest, and still; A Rare Prey remains open. I'm about to go to Act 3 and give up.

        • Anonymous

          23 Nov 2017 11:22  

          On Act 2 you in the inn you can cast spirit vision to talk with real Baran, he ask u for revenge, when you kill the fake Baran he have the "Mysterious Order" plus some legendary and unique items.

          • Anonymous

            27 Sep 2017 14:50  

            Use spirit vision in the camp (near front gate) after killing all the lone wolves and speak with spirits to gain some skills (optional, depends on conversation) and 20,000+ exp per spirit :)

            • Anonymous

              22 Sep 2017 04:59  

              Make sure to speak with Gareth before the fight with Alexander otherwise he will board the boat and you can't speak with him unless you leave the island.

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