A Web of Desire


Location Undertavern (Driftwood)
Suggested Level 7+*

A Web of Desire is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II, Act II.

Underneath the Tavern, a woman named Dorotya offers you a gift in return for a kiss. But everything is not what it seems...


 Important NPCs


A Web of Desire Objectives

  1. Speak to Dorotya and convince her you are worthy to receive her gift.
  2. Have the character who spoke with her meet her in private for a kiss.
  3. Allow her to kiss you OR kill her*.
  4. Repeat this quest for every other party member (so long as she isn't killed) (optional).


A Web of Desire Walkthrough

Before initiating this quest, read through the entire walkthrough first as it comes with a potential cost as well.

After speaking to Dorotya, The Decadent One, she will ask you to prove your worthiness. Simply pick one of the options that prove your worthiness, such as being the Champion of the Arena in Fort Joy. It's hard to fail this dialogue unless you explicitly decline her advances. Afterwards, she will ask you to choose a vision.

Each vision will grant you a different "reward." See the chart further below for the effects of each choice.

She will ask to meet your character alone at an area marked on your map as "Dorotya's Kissing Corner". Split the character that spoke with her from your party and have them meet with Dorotya alone. Your other members must be out of Dorotya's sight in order for the dialogue to progress. Rest assured, the encounter is perfectly safe unless you explicitly choose to fight her.

Once you meet her, she will suddenly transform into a giant spider looking to "kiss" you. You must decide whether to let her or to draw your weapon and fight.

If you choose to let her kiss you, your character will receive a permanent talent called "Spider's Kiss", with an effect that's based on your choice of vision. Accepting the kiss will also bestow the character 5,000 EXP.

(Note: If you are using an undead character (e.g. Fane), she will ask you to use the Mask of the Shapeshifter to transform yourself into another form before she will kiss you.)

Vision Choice Reward Cost
Towering Oak Strength +2 Constitution -2
Curved Quill Intelligence +2
Golden Chest 2,000 Gold
Stately Dragon Wits +2
Transparent Chrysalis Glowing Idol of Rebirth


The Spider's Kiss talent is permanent and cannot be removed via the Magic Mirror, and its effect will vary based on the vision choice you chose. Choose wisely, or simply go with the Chrysalis for the Idol of Rebirth (see the details for the idol below for why it is arguably the best choice).

After the kiss, you can still choose to explicitly attack her or simply let her go, either way, the quest will be completed for that specific character. If you chose to let her live she will return to what she was doing before and your other party members may do the quest for themselves as well. The EXP earned for completion is only awarded for that specific character, so you will need to repeat the quest several times to earn it for all characters.

If you instead choose to fight and successfully kill her, your party members will all receive 4,000 EXP each, and looting her corpse will yield an "Ashen Idol of Rebirth", two unique daggers, and a key. Although you are meeting her with a single character, your other party members can join into the fight as well after it is initiated. Do note, this is not the intended direction for the quest to complete, but it is made available to you. It offers less of a reward than accepting the kiss.


Tips & Tricks

  • If you hire a mercenary on the Lady Vengeance, you can no longer use them to complete the quest. The dialog appears to complete, but there is no option to look into her ring.
  • Aside from the Idol of Rebirth, the Strength or Intelligence reward may be a reasonable choice if Vitality isn't as crucial to your character. If you're uncertain, you don't need to complete the quest at this time. If you've already initiated the quest, simply avoid meeting her and she'll reset the quest after a bit of waiting.
  • After you've completed the quest up to four times, you can also kill her to gain bonus experience and loot.
  • The key found on her corpse unlocks a chest inside her room.
  • You can pickpocket an Ashen Idol of Rebirth from her at any time outside of the quest.  If you pickpocket the Ashen Idol of Rebirth first, then choose the 'Transparent Chrysalis' vision choice, you will be still be given one as a reward totalling two Idol of Rebirths.

Idol of Rebirth

The Idol of Rebirth is an item that automatically resurrects the possessor upon death and also grants them full Vitality (but no Armour). It doesn't cost any AP to use.

Although it is a one-time use item, it is easily refillable by crafting the emptied idol together with a Resurrect Scroll. This can be a potentially exploitable tactic to turn your character(s) immortal as long as you have many Resurrect Scrolls in your inventory. It only costs 1 AP to craft during battle, which is significantly better than the 3 AP cost to use a Resurrect Scroll.

Resurrect Scrolls can be crafted using the following recipe: Sheet of Paper + Water Essence + Life Essence. The paper is inexpensive and easy to acquire, and you should have a fair number of Water and Life Essences by now, as long as you haven't been wasting them. These materials can also be bought from merchants from time to time.

If you complete the quest four times, you can have one for each party member. If you hire mercenaries, they can help you earn those idols without any cost.

    • Anonymous

      08 Mar 2019 19:45  

      Since the newest update, you can no longer gain multiple Idols. Each character must chose a different 'gift'.

      • Anonymous

        24 Feb 2019 23:07  

        So, did they remove the possibility of doing this quest with mercs? There is no option to gaze upon her ring if I'm using a merc. Even tried doing with every party member, yet still can't do it with mercs...

        • Anonymous

          04 Feb 2019 03:16  

          This was patched but you can still complete the quest on one char and attack with the second to get a 2nd idol from her corpse.

          • Anonymous

            17 May 2018 00:11  

            I don't know if it is intentional or a bug, but when you complete the quest with on character, that one character get the 6,000 EXP, but, if you depart the other characters and add them again to your party, they will get the "missing" exp to match the main character, giving them the EXP from this quest to everyone.

            • Anonymous

              09 Feb 2018 12:05  

              Better use:

              1. Do it with as many mercs as possible to get massive number of idols
              2. Do it again for all your characters with +x in whatever is the most useful for each -> what you really get is 2 more attribute points you can distribute semi-freely (if you find you don't need much constitution, leave it at -2, otherwise you can always use the respec mirror)

              -2 CON isn't bad anyway, since the mechanics of combat more or less revolve around keeping your armor up.

              • Anonymous

                02 Feb 2018 14:56  

                Think I may have bugged this, talked to Safa, got the journal entry, found the woman, didn't take the kiss, pick pocketed her for the idol then killed her as a human in the bar, she turned into a spider and i killed her and got the chest key, the 2 daggers, but now the quest won't close and there is no way to finish/close from what I can see.

                • Anonymous

                  30 Dec 2017 05:59  

                  *For the Greedy Players*
                  You can get gold and idol's from any merc's you can hire. So what I found that works is to hire four mercs and have them get the kiss for the idol. then hire the rest of the mercs for the gold. It cost 1750 per merc to hire. However, you get 2000 gold from the kiss. That's 175 gold profit. Then you take the gear off the merc when you disband them and sell the gear for around 1200-1500 gold. I had 8320 gold to start and finished with 20,394. That's a 12,074 gold profit. Not too bad at all!! Just remember that this all depends on your attitude with the vender as well as your bartering skill. I had 100% attitude and lvl 5 bartering when I sold all the gear. Not to bad of a profit for 30 min of you time. Also, just note that you will only be able to do the kiss once with each type of merc you hire. So I would recommend to save before starting this process. Also, make sure you have Fane's mask of the Shapeshifter. Some of the mercs are undead and will agro some of the npc's in the undertavern. I did this and left my main characters without the kiss as to not get the -2 con penalty. Good luck and hope this helps!

                  • Anonymous

                    17 Dec 2017 00:20  

                    Well if you’re a metal fan, you’d get that Dorotya is a characterization of Doro Pesch from the band Warlock. And when you kiss her, she gives you the “Kiss of Death”. A popular song by Warlock.

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Oct 2017 17:44  

                      I stumbled into this scene with my friend in co-op, and I got to say that I was kind of underwhelmed. This is the equivalent of just going to the mirror and taking a few points out of con and distributing it to your fellow attributes. The idol I suppose, but seriously? I saw "werespider" and when my friend was shrieking in panic I was like, "There is only one logical conclusion to this; SPIDER-PERSON!"

                      I never knew I wanted to be a werespider until that very moment. How could you tease me like this, game? *Sigh*

                      I suppose now, on all levels but physical I am a spider.

                      • Anonymous

                        15 Oct 2017 19:28  

                        The key you get from killing her unlocks chest in her room (where you go to start kissing process!) - it says locked.
                        After you get the key click on that big chest (even though its red no one will say anything) and take some gold and grenade that is in.
                        Free of charge. :)

                        • Anonymous

                          14 Oct 2017 20:32  

                          I am curious if the bonus to intelligence or strength allows you to go over the limit of 40 strength or intelligence. If so this might have some use. But I think it still seem a little under welming but then again the quest is only a minute long. Be nice if there are more ways to do stuff like this to further increase stats via quests-reward talents.
                          LIKE FOR EXAMPLE: Add a upgrade to the spider kiss talent that increases it to +4, +6,+8 and like I said hopefully this allows you to go over the 40 max cap. Because if it don'y then its really pointless.

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Oct 2017 11:29  

                            Just so people are aware without looking up the item itself: you can combine the Ashen Idol of Rebirth (this is what the Glowing Idol of Rebirth becomes after being consumed) with a Resurrection Scroll to recharge the Glowing Idol of Rebirth. This requires only 1 AP in battle, so this item alone can help you win fights you might otherwise have a lot of trouble with, as long as you spend the 1 AP each time recharging the Idol.

                            • Anonymous

                              12 Oct 2017 11:27  

                              If you accept her offer as Undead without masking up, she will appear to become impatient and leave the kissing area and go back to her normal patrol.

                              • Anonymous

                                12 Oct 2017 11:17  

                                I pickpocketed the Glowing Idol of Rebirth prior to doing any kissing: glowing, not ashen. It doesn't show up in her wares.

                                • Anonymous

                                  12 Oct 2017 02:22  

                                  You can hire mercienaries and let her kiss them, then kick them away, so you will get gold and idols without getting*****ty tallent for yourself

                                  • Anonymous

                                    10 Oct 2017 15:37  

                                    "just tested it and you cant actually respec out of the talent or restat the CON back"

                                    Based od this comment I let her kiss all of my characters, went to Lady Vengeance and used the mirror. None of the characters had talent "Spider kiss" listed hence it can not be reseted; but in the inventory talent section the talent is still listed.

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