A Web of Desire


Location Undertavern (Driftwood)
Suggested Level 7+*

A Web of Desire is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II, Act II.

Underneath the Tavern, a woman named Dorotya offers you a gift in return for a kiss. But everything is not what it seems...


 Important NPCs


A Web of Desire Objectives

  1. Speak to Dorotya and convince her you are worthy to receive her gift.
  2. Have the character who spoke with her meet her in private for a kiss.
  3. Allow her to kiss you OR kill her*.
  4. Repeat this quest for every other party member (so long as she isn't killed) (optional).


A Web of Desire Walkthrough

Before initiating this quest, read through the entire walkthrough first as it comes with a potential cost as well.

After speaking to Dorotya, The Decadent One, she will ask you to prove your worthiness. Simply pick one of the options that prove your worthiness, such as being the Champion of the Arena in Fort Joy. It's hard to fail this dialogue unless you explicitly decline her advances. Afterward, she will ask you to choose a vision.

Each vision will grant you a different "reward." See the chart further below for the effects of each choice.

She will ask to meet your character alone at an area marked on your map as "Dorotya's Kissing Corner". Split the character that spoke with her from your party and have them meet with Dorotya alone. Your other members must be out of Dorotya's sight in order for the dialogue to progress. Rest assured, the encounter is perfectly safe unless you explicitly choose to fight her.

Once you meet her, she will suddenly transform into a giant spider looking to "kiss" you. You must decide whether to let her or to draw your weapon and fight.

If you choose to let her kiss you, your character will receive a permanent talent called "Spider's Kiss", with an effect that's based on your choice of vision. Accepting the kiss will also bestow the character 5,000 EXP.

(Note: If you are using an undead character (e.g. Fane), she will ask you to use the Mask of the Shapeshifter to transform yourself into another form before she will kiss you.)

Vision Choice Reward Cost
Towering Oak Strength +2 Constitution -2
Curved Quill Intelligence +2
Golden Chest 2,000 Gold
Stately Dragon Wits +2
Transparent Chrysalis Glowing Idol of Rebirth


The Spider's Kiss talent is permanent and cannot be removed via the Magic Mirror, and its effect will vary based on the vision choice you chose. Choose wisely, or simply go with the Chrysalis for the Idol of Rebirth (see the details for the idol below for why it is arguably the best choice).

After the kiss, you can still choose to explicitly attack her or simply let her go, either way, the quest will be completed for that specific character. If you chose to let her live she will return to what she was doing before and your other party members may do the quest for themselves as well. The EXP earned for completion is only awarded for that specific character, so you will need to repeat the quest several times to earn it for all characters.

If you instead choose to fight and successfully kill her, your party members will all receive 4,000 EXP each, and looting her corpse will yield an "Ashen Idol of Rebirth", two unique daggers, and a key. Although you are meeting her with a single character, your other party members can join the fight as well after it is initiated. Do note, this is not the intended direction for the quest to complete, but it is made available to you. It offers less of a reward than accepting the kiss.


Tips & Tricks

  • If you hire a mercenary on the Lady Vengeance, you can no longer use them to complete the quest. The dialog appears to complete, but there is no option to look into her ring.
  • Aside from the Idol of Rebirth, the Strength or Intelligence reward may be a reasonable choice if Vitality isn't as crucial to your character. If you're uncertain, you don't need to complete the quest at this time. If you've already initiated the quest, simply avoid meeting her and she'll reset the quest after a bit of waiting.
  • After you've completed the quest up to four times, you can also kill her to gain bonus experience and loot.
  • The key found on her corpse unlocks a chest inside her room.
  • You can pickpocket an Ashen Idol of Rebirth from her at any time outside of the quest.  If you pickpocket the Ashen Idol of Rebirth first, then choose the 'Transparent Chrysalis' vision choice, you will be still be given one as a reward totaling two Idol of Rebirths.


Idol of Rebirth

The Idol of Rebirth is an item that automatically resurrects the possessor upon death and also grants them full Vitality (but no Armour). It doesn't cost any AP to use.

Although it is a one-time use item, it is easily refillable by crafting the emptied idol together with a Resurrect Scroll. This can be a potentially exploitable tactic to turn your character(s) immortal as long as you have many Resurrect Scrolls in your inventory. It only costs 1 AP to craft during a battle, which is significantly better than the 3 AP cost to use a Resurrect Scroll.

Resurrect Scrolls can be crafted using the following recipe: Sheet of Paper + Water Essence + Life Essence. The paper is inexpensive and easy to acquire, and you should have a fair number of Water and Life Essences by now, as long as you haven't been wasting them. These materials can also be bought from merchants from time to time.

If you complete the quest four times, you can have one for each party member. If you hire mercenaries, they can help you earn those idols without any cost.

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    • Anonymous

      24 Sep 2020 18:27  

      exploit still works on DE on PC. -2 Constitution for +2 Str, +2 Int, +2 Wits, 2000 Gold and the Idol of Rebirth. All you need is another player with Teleportation gloves / skill to break the conversation of the beneficiary character right after that character makes the choice.

      • Anonymous

        16 Sep 2020 17:38  

        Isn't it like.. completely not worth to go along with the kiss? Because if you really wanted +2 in something and -2 less con then why not just go to the mirror? just seems like a dumb deal. if it had been +3 in something and -2 in con then it would be more worth because it would just mean a free point but this just seems like a crappy thing. Just pickpocket the idol and then kill her for the daggers and other stuff. In fact kill everybody down there. why not

        • Anonymous

          05 Sep 2020 04:17  

          september 5nd, still works with the cake is no longer a lie patc. you still only get -2 con. guy below me probably did it the wrong way.

          • Anonymous

            02 Sep 2020 17:26  

            Bug doesn't work September 2nd you get -2 con for each gift selected and there is a line about teleporting while you're talking not being very polite.

            • Anonymous

              18 Jul 2020 11:33  

              As of now, 18 July 2020, there is no option to get a second idol from a kiss. But you can steal second one from her.

              • Anonymous

                09 Jul 2020 21:17  

                Can confirm the bug still works even after the most recent dlc. I just tried it on my Lone Wolf playthrough 7/9/20. I think what some people are failing to understand is when to teleport the speaking character. Immediately after you make your choice of stat, teleport the speaking character about a screen's distance away and it will break the conversation. Speak to her again with the same character and make a different choice and repeat until you have selected all the choices. Then follow her to her den and let her kiss you. Do this will all of your characters and all of them will have 4 spiders kiss talents but only minus 2 constitution. They will also received the gold and the glowing idol. If you pickpocket the idol before hand as well, you will have 5 idols. Which is pretty awesome.

                • Anonymous

                  22 Jun 2020 00:52  

                  damn, it still works, when i saw this exploit i was hoping it got patched by now. now im torn between free extra stats and not feeling like im cheating

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Jun 2020 00:38  

                    2 CON for the idol is a no brainer as the revival is so powerful. The exploit feels kinda game-breaking. The game already offers "little" challenge (2 lone-wolf party on tactician) and the combat is what I enjoy the most. The +2 str/int on melee/mage is already excellent as you're able to get further above the stat limit.

                    • Anonymous

                      07 Jun 2020 18:49  

                      Can anyone confirm if the single character 5000 XP award for completing this quest is exploitable for groups of 2 or more? I know that when inviting a companion to rejoin your party, if your main has more XP when the companion rejoins, then that companion will get an XP boost to match the main's XP. I'm also wondering if the main's XP could be boosted through this method. To test, you would need to have a companion complete the quest for 5000 XP, and then immediately dismiss and reinvite that companion. Unfortunately, I can't test because I'm playing an Honour mode run, and I didn't think of testing this until after I had already saved :(

                      • Anonymous

                        23 May 2020 21:51  

                        Yes it works. I just tested this 4-kiss trick with Dorotya the Decadent One on XBox on May 23, 2020. If you do the talk-and-teleport trick correctly, you will receive all the bonuses AND will receive the idol also. for all 4 characters in your party. Yes, you sacrifice 2 pts to constitution on each character. You'll know if you got all 4 items for a character if you look at their talent list and see 4 Spider's Kiss talents for each character.

                        • Anonymous

                          06 May 2020 04:33  

                          She does not complain. I TPd the first character all the way to the arena trophy entrance... Did not break their chat. Attacking Soeortya also does not break the chat, the others in the tavern attack my other three characters. If I follow up with the chat and accept the kiss even after teleporting, she moves to the secluded spot ready to kiss.

                          • Anonymous

                            05 May 2020 18:14  

                            For anyone asking about her complaining about being teleported don't worry. Carry out the dialog make your choice until she asks for the kiss. Teleport your character at this stage. She will complain but just run through the dialog again and choose the next option. Once you get to the last option say yes as normal and it will give you all 5 bonuses.Just confirmed on DE PS4

                            • Anonymous

                              A Web of Desire [Divinity OS 2 Wiki]04 May 2020 22:19  

                              How does this work? Tried teleporting multiple times but it doesn't seem to work at all. Teleportation doesn't break the conversation. Teleported the first character to the far end of the arena area.. still didn't break the convo. How do I do it?

                              • Anonymous

                                A Web of Desire [Divinity OS 2 Wiki]04 May 2020 20:40  

                                How does this work? Tried teleporting multiple times but it doesn't seem to work at all. Teleportation doesn't break the conversation. Teleported the first character to the far end of the arena area.. still didn't break the convo. How do I do it?

                                • Anonymous

                                  18 Apr 2020 04:40  

                                  Just wanted to mention that if you stole the idol first and can't get the speech option to get it, you can simply drop the Idol.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    10 Apr 2020 05:04  

                                    I combined all the different exploits below and was able to get every buff on all 4 characters and 5 glowing idols of rebirth (1 stolen)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      02 Apr 2020 14:11  

                                      On the exploit to get all rewards for only perma -2 CON: When you think about it, it's really only giving +2 to 1 stat, + gold, +1 Glowing Idol of Rebirth. The first 2 stat bonuses cancel out, & are the same as you going to the mirror & dropping CON 2 pts to put it somewhere else. Either do all of them, or do none & kill her.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        27 Mar 2020 09:42  

                                        She only gives you an idol with the first character, if you try it a second time it won't give you the option of the transparent chrysalis. The only way to get at least two idols is to steal from him and then use the chrysalis option.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          10 Mar 2020 19:08  

                                          As all the others said you can get all the Stats/Gold/Idol for only a -2 Constitution. When I hear her say : a Kiss. I TP my guy away and I repeat until I have them all ( like others said she sometimes comes at you saying she doesn't like it when you TP mid conversation). Then on my last guy I decided to pick the option where I was fighting her. Since I had more initiative than her, I started the combat , I killed her in one hit in human form got 3k , she transformed into her spider form 1 hit her again got 3k exp then she used her Idol to comeback to life for a 3rd time, but I didn't get any exp for killing her the 3rd time. So in total I got 5k for finishing the quest with a character, 3k for killing her in human form and 3k for killing her in spider form for a total of 11k exp for 1 character I tried this on 3/10/2020

                                          • Anonymous

                                            06 Mar 2020 18:53  

                                            Making real bad experiences with thirsty females in this Game. That Witch from the Cave, now this giant spider... Needless to say, I just murder all of them.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              08 Jan 2020 23:41  

                                              Quoting from Anon "You can get all bonuses for the cost of -2 constitution on all characters. All you need is 2 teleportation users. Perhaps other means work too 1. Speak her with first character and choose one bonus, (dont continue dialogue after that) then teleport first character away and speak to her again. Dialogue should start from beginning. Then choose other bonus and teleport away. 2. Repeat until you have choosed all bonuses and then continue with the quest. Don't kill her at the end 3. Now do the same thing with second character and third and fourth 4. Now you have +2 strength, intelligence and wits. 2000gold and glowing idol on all characters. With just -2 constitution. It will show 4 spider's Kiss talents on talent list. 5. You can now pickpocket her for one more glowing idol. 6. Kill her for extra loot/exp I tested this on patch 1.10 Ps4 version" This does indeed work on PC I was surprised. I now have 5 Idols and all the attribute points and gold on 4 characters. Just a PSA she will scold you for teleporting out of conversations but this does not effect the outcome. Having trouble finding what build I am on but current build as of this post.

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