Action Points is one of the Attributes in Divinity Original Sin 2. These statistics are determined by your character's base statistics. They can be affected by skills, stances, statuses, gear, abilities, and talents.


Action Points Information

  • All skills, movement, and basic attacks require Action Points. This attribute decides how much you can do in one turn.
  • Movement is more expensive in heavier armor than in lighter armor.


Notes about Source Points

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Extended Statistics
Accuracy  ♦  Air Resistance  ♦  Damage  ♦  Dodging  ♦  Earth Resistance  ♦  Experience  ♦  Fire Resistance  ♦  Initiative  ♦  Magical Armour  ♦  Movement  ♦  Physical Armour  ♦  Poison Resistance  ♦  Water Resistance

    • Anonymous

      11 Oct 2017 17:38  

      How can we boost her AP ? Like the previous version, when we boost speed we obtain some AP from that but for this version can we?

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