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Adramahlihk is an Enemy in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

 Follow the Doctor's Orders questline to fight Adramahlihk.







  • Random stuff of his inventory as a merchant.
  • Doctor's Key



Notes and Tips

  • Gets a permanent Thick of the fight buff (+10% Damage)
  • While fighting, Adramahlihk consumes a huge amount of Potions to buff himself.


    • Anonymous

      06 May 2019 07:38  

      For my play though I was playing as Loseh and didn't want to kill all the people so I went into the fight without weakening Adramahlihk. So I had to take him down in one round. What I did was take my tank who has the highest armor, boost that armor further with different spells and scrolls before the fight, made sure the tank was standing right by Adramahlihk when the fright was starting to him him as much ap as possible, then used Reactive Armour and took out all of his armor and a nice chunk of his health while I was at it. It was pretty simple once his armor was gone to finish him off.

      • Anonymous

        30 Mar 2019 19:14  

        On honour mode he will possess/kill lose on his 2nd turn and give you an instant game over - this is neglected in any online guide I read before the fight.

        • Anonymous

          13 Mar 2019 01:22  

          Me and my friends did this through a coordinated magic attack, only normal difficulty he has 2k magic shield while not in demon mode. I used artillery plant poison attack for 5k damage, friends lava slug did lazer ray for 3k more, and bow friend finished it with a 1.5k pierce arrow. Your best bet is simply killing him before he transforms. If an ally has high enough initiative to go before him, and you can do a huge coordinated attack, magic or physical (though he has significantly less magic shield), you are set.

          • Anonymous

            13 Feb 2019 10:21  

            This boss can be cheesed. I killed him in demon form after Malady spoiler stuff. I beat him at lvl 18, had 2 mages in the squad. I killed all the nurses first, had to do corpse dragging(many rez scrolls were used here due to boss aggroing as I killed nurses 1 by 1 and boss also simply 1 shot my Lohse, rez the mages with squad member standing by outside the mansion...) Anyways, I only used 4 skills, 1. Meteor shower 2. Hail Strike 3. Thunder Storm 4. Dazing Bolt These can damage the boss without putting you in combat due to ridiculous range. Boss will be constantly patrolling the house, so bow cheese doesn't work. But, what happens with the spells is they alter the ground condition. When floor gets frozen or electrified, boss will try to stay in dry surface and run to corner. For me, demon retreated to the room next to cellar, so I kept him in the room by continuously raining down hail strike, thunder storm, meteor shower. You will start to run out of source if you are not standing on source pool. (Use Terrain Transmutation to bring a source pool so you can spam source skills) Best fight in the game for me, because this strategy made Divinity 2 an action RPG for me LOL

            • Anonymous

              04 Feb 2019 16:07  

              To avoid him chugging big annoying potions, just buy them off him before the fight. Leave him with low potions or Food that doesnt really do anything and he will chug These instead.

              • Anonymous

                12 Aug 2018 17:38  

                Arguably the hardest fight in the game. To make the fight a little easier talk to him with your weakest member and start attacking his servants, they will then start a fight without involving him, making the actual fight with the demon easier.

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