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Adramahlihk is an Enemy in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

 Follow the Doctor's Orders questline to fight Adramahlihk.







  • Random stuff of his inventory as a merchant.
  • Doctor's Key


Notes and Tips

  • The Doctor always goes first in the first turn to transform into this true form.
  • Gets a permanent Thick of the fight buff (+10% Damage)
  • While fighting, Adramahlihk consumes a huge amount of Potions to buff himself, if you don't buy them before the fight.
  • You can weaken him in Crippling a Demon. He will have -50% HP, (magic) armor and all resistances. He is now weak to earth, air and poison.


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    • Anonymous

      04 Aug 2021 16:53  

      My Necromancer killed full power version in 1 turn on classic, Haste + Blood Rain from the support with higer iniative then slammed him with Apotheosis + Inner Demon followed by Blood Storm, Grasp of the Starved then Nether Swap to setup so most of his now dead summons was around him for some Mass Corspe Explosion action = boom over 18194 dmg in 1 turn.

      • Anonymous

        01 Jul 2021 06:48  

        I killed the full power Adramahlihk (without putting out candles) with Ifan (Level 20) as a warrior, using "Bone Cage" and "Overpower" to destroy all his armor.
        I just saw that other guys had the same idea - there was no lava around to move to his house and teleport him into lava, so "Bone Cage" and a lot of bodies was just as good, if not better because the bodies were already piled up.

        • Anonymous

          01 Jul 2021 06:39  

          I killed the full power Adramahlihk (without putting out candles) with Ifan as a warrior, using "Bone Cage" and "Overpower" to destroy all his armor.
          I used 30 dead bodies found near the "Arx - City Square" waypoint with the "Bone Cage" spell to increase Ifan’s armor to about 19908 points.
          It wasn’t a tough fight.
          I played at normal difficulty.

          You should use the chicken spell with all 4 characters and an extra chicken spell to prevent Adramahlihk from possessing Lohse and ending the game.
          If Adramahlihk runs away from your characters while he is in chicken form, you can use "Cloak and Dagger" with the next character that will turn him to chicken the next time his current Chicken status expires.
          Your characters have to be close to him in order to turn him into a chicken.

          To prevent him from moving while in chicken form, which can be annoying, use Entangle on him.
          You can use the "Worm Tremor" spell with the Torturer Talent on your character(/some characters) in order to Entangle him even if he has a lot of magic armor left.

          Don’t use knockdown on Adramahlihk because he will receive about 1000 armor points after he gets up from a knockdown and you can’t use fast enough another incapacitating spell on him.
          (One character used "Ethereal Storm" to cover the fight scene and gave my party members some healing - but it was not vital. You can charm the Nemesis demons that accompany Adramahlihk.)

          I killed all the nurses before attacking Adramahlihk because they are just annoying and die fast - I don’t know if it would make much of a difference - by teleporting them, turning them to chickens and bribing them with money to prevent fighting near Adramahlihk.
          Before the fight, I also gave Lohse’s blood to Adramahlihk after making a pact with him and stole back the blood vial and other stuff with Sebille, just for some XP points.

          I used 30 dead bodies found near the "Arx - City Square" waypoint with the "Bone Cage" spell to increase Ifan’s armor to about 19908 points.
          Adramahlihk (aka the Doctor) has about 11120 armor points.

          If you think that teleporting before a fight is cheating, you can teleport the 30 dead bodies from the waypoint all the way inside his house, but it’s WAY too slow.
          Instead, just bundle up the 30 dead bodies near your character while he is in the Arx City Square, that has the "Overpower" skill and make him use "Bone Cage" just after Lohse attacks the Doctor and start a fight.
          ("Bone Cage" has a wide are of Area of Effect so you don't have to arrange the bodies too much).

          You can also use the 30 bodies and "Bone Cage" on another character to increase it’s armor and then teleport to Lohse and the Doctor for the fight, but is not necessary.

          Don’t use Overpower while Adramahlihk is in human form because after he transforms into a monster, his armor, magic armor, and health reset to full.
          Overpower him after he gets uglier.

          I attacked the Doctor (aka Adramahlihk) with Lohse and then I teleported Ifan, that had an armor of 19908 points, and the other 2 characters near Lohse and wiped the floor Adramahlihk.

          • Anonymous

            08 Mar 2021 22:21  

            Well this is how we killed it with hardest mode + no candle snuffing:

            1) while Lohse is speaking, get another volunteer char (aka terrorist) right next to Adra and start listening in on the convo (this will make time stop for that char). Optional: cast "Living on the Edge" on him to keep him alive
            2) cast as many "Flaming Crescendo"s you can on our terrorist buddy -- since time is stopped, you can stack infinitely
            3) End convo with Lohse to have him attack you -> instant death. flames coming from laptop, worth it ^^

            • Anonymous

              29 Dec 2020 22:09  

              Submitting to it and voluntarily dying at the end of the game doesn't yield a bad ending, just a disappointing game over screen

              • Anonymous

                28 Dec 2020 04:39  

                1) Use bone armour skill on arx city entrance. There are a lot of corpses here, i even teleported dsme corpses from the bridge. It boosted my phys armor to 40k, but i had lone wolf. W/O LW this still should be enough to get more phys armor than adramahlik

                2) Use overpower to remove all his phys armor

                3) Shackles of pain+reactive armor for very sweet BONK that will oneshot him.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Sep 2020 03:03  

                  A somewhat less cheesy way to beat him is to simply use the fact that cursed ice freezes through magic armor. Rain + Hail Storm + Curse scroll will mean that every time he moves he gets frozen instead. There's a bit of a concern in that his minions might melt the ice with fire spells, so you probably want to separate him from his minions first; otherwise, though, it's a great way to completely neuter him.

                  • Anonymous

                    09 May 2020 22:48  

                    Did a bit of research and didn't find much for the solo Lohse player: It is possible to do this fight as Lohse solo, on Tactician (DE) without blowing out the candles. I did this at level 20 as a 4-elemental mage + Poly With gear/Lone Wolf I had 71 INT and 56 WITS. I had 71% crit going into this fight I DID NOT cheese the fight. You will lose instantly if he gets 3 consecutive turns in. This includes his first turn, so you have to disable him before the end of your second turn 1. Start the fight hasted. (Cast haste on yourself right before talking to him) 2. Eat a "Green Tea Leaves" as the first thing you do. These can be purchased from Lady Kemm. 3. Cast Apotheosis 4. I did a rotation of Pyroclastic Eruption, Fossil Strike, Impalement, and Winter Blast. Highest damage per SP is what you're looking for. 5. Cast inner demon/Terrify, then Skin Graft --> Pyroclastic, etc, until you get him to where you can Terrify him a second time. If you don't have enough SP to strip his armour with the final Terrify, you're screwed. Restart and pray you crit harder :) 6. From there, his insta-game-over spell has been reset, and he's susceptible to all of your CC. You can slap a Thunderstorm out on turn 3, since the Nurse damage will be starting to take its toll. Recasting Inner Demon also helps with magic armour for the remainder of the fight. Because I was a very well geared mage, I had so much magic armour that the nurses were not a threat for the first couple turns. I'm pretty sure my trusty companion, Sir Lora, also may have soaked a fireball. YMMV on this part.

                    • Anonymous

                      24 Dec 2019 20:48  

                      If you can start a fight with a single tailor-made character buffed with apotheosis + living on the edge, then you can win this fight (and any fight really): - Start with char talking to doctor - Kill all nurses except the one right under the doctor - Buff highest initiative char with living on the edge + apotheosis (you don't have to beat doctor's initiative - just have the highest in your party) - Initiate combat by ending dialogue - doctor will transform, but first round will be spent on dialogue - Now your apotheosis/deathproof char can have a turn I had my char (a Glass cannon Sebille) do: - Green tea (0AP) - Teleport scroll x4 to stack on doctor (4AP) - Adrenaline rush + flesh sacrifice (+3AP) - Pyroclastic Explosion (1AP) - Chain Lightning (1AP) - Closed Circuit (1AP) - Skin graft (1AP) - Adrenaline rush + flesh sacrifice (+3AP) - Pyroclastic Explosion (1AP) - Chain Lightning (1AP) - Closed Circuit (1AP) - At this point everything was dead and I had 1AP left over Did this on a non-lone-wolf build, although my other party members really did nothing (other than Lohse who initiated the dialogue)

                      • Anonymous

                        24 Oct 2019 10:11  

                        Fane is in my party as a pyro/geo and he used Pyroclastic Eruption on him and he *****ing oneshots the demon lmfao

                        • Anonymous

                          01 Sep 2019 21:30  

                          His possession spell is interrupted when Lohse dies. So basically if you let Lohse die and then resurrect her before his turn he will constantly try to cast the spell doing nothing else. Very easy to kill him that way, works with Definitive Edition on tactician, there's no need to snuff the candles or wait to reach level 20.

                          • Anonymous

                            28 Aug 2019 10:19  

                            Teleport the receptionist nurse outside the front door, this will aggro 3 of the nurses and not the doctor so you can cheese them. For the actual doctor fight, lure him and the remaining nurses to the front door and spam area attacks, and taunt is very useful here to mitigate o.h.k.o while burning his 14k armour. Once his armour is down, it's all down to stun locks.

                            • Anonymous

                              13 Jul 2019 06:54  

                              I'm playing as Ifan and have Lohse in my party. I've been playing the "I'll save you card", but wanted her to pull out a crazy god combo to take down her demon. I also dragged her out of the demonic plane before she could kill off her fellow captives, so this guy was gonna be beefy. I was playing her as an elemental (maxed out poly for higher int, 3-5 in areo, hydro, geo, pyro, necro), but respeced into aero and geo specifically (still max poly), dropped memory to the minimum and put left over points in wits. I had another party member sneak up and check the weaknesses, so justified it as Lohse refocusing her magic on what would win her the battle. She confronts the doc, while Beast buffs her with some magic armor and clear-minded. Sebille goes off to hide, and Ifan just glares. Demon comes out, Lohse sips a lovely green tea. She goes in with Apotheosis -> Pyroclastic -> Thunderstorm, rest of the crew made an incarnate, made a chicken and threw some lame attempts at magic (battlemage who hits for physical damage and uses aero/hydro for CC). The goons are all stunned (or a chicken), and doctor drama-llama spends the next turn charging up(?), so back to us. Lohse throws Closed Circuit -> Acid Spores -> Dazing Bolt, eliminating Adram's armour and shocking him. Trusting her fellow adventures to stun him and give her a chance to finish him off, she Skin Grafts. Her friends protect her from both the demon and his lackeys, with calculated shots, spells and slices to keep them down. Lohse summons the last of her near-godly power, and crushes her oppressor with another Pyroclatic Eruption. She sends another Thunderstorm after the last living demon, finishing him off with a Dazing Bolt. The party, with only a few dings in their armour to show for the battle, rejoices that she's finally free of her tormentor. All in all, it was a cheesy way to beat what appears to be an incredibly difficult boss under normal circumstances. That being said, it fit in with the way I was progressing the characters, and felt absolutely amazing to pull off. The fact that cheesing fights is actually enjoyable is one of the coolest things about this game!

                              • Anonymous

                                06 May 2019 01:38  

                                For my play though I was playing as Loseh and didn't want to kill all the people so I went into the fight without weakening Adramahlihk. So I had to take him down in one round. What I did was take my tank who has the highest armor, boost that armor further with different spells and scrolls before the fight, made sure the tank was standing right by Adramahlihk when the fright was starting to him him as much ap as possible, then used Reactive Armour and took out all of his armor and a nice chunk of his health while I was at it. It was pretty simple once his armor was gone to finish him off.

                                • Anonymous

                                  30 Mar 2019 14:14  

                                  On honour mode he will possess/kill lose on his 2nd turn and give you an instant game over - this is neglected in any online guide I read before the fight.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    12 Mar 2019 20:22  

                                    Me and my friends did this through a coordinated magic attack, only normal difficulty he has 2k magic shield while not in demon mode. I used artillery plant poison attack for 5k damage, friends lava slug did lazer ray for 3k more, and bow friend finished it with a 1.5k pierce arrow. Your best bet is simply killing him before he transforms. If an ally has high enough initiative to go before him, and you can do a huge coordinated attack, magic or physical (though he has significantly less magic shield), you are set.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      13 Feb 2019 04:21  

                                      This boss can be cheesed. I killed him in demon form after Malady spoiler stuff. I beat him at lvl 18, had 2 mages in the squad. I killed all the nurses first, had to do corpse dragging(many rez scrolls were used here due to boss aggroing as I killed nurses 1 by 1 and boss also simply 1 shot my Lohse, rez the mages with squad member standing by outside the mansion...) Anyways, I only used 4 skills, 1. Meteor shower 2. Hail Strike 3. Thunder Storm 4. Dazing Bolt These can damage the boss without putting you in combat due to ridiculous range. Boss will be constantly patrolling the house, so bow cheese doesn't work. But, what happens with the spells is they alter the ground condition. When floor gets frozen or electrified, boss will try to stay in dry surface and run to corner. For me, demon retreated to the room next to cellar, so I kept him in the room by continuously raining down hail strike, thunder storm, meteor shower. You will start to run out of source if you are not standing on source pool. (Use Terrain Transmutation to bring a source pool so you can spam source skills) Best fight in the game for me, because this strategy made Divinity 2 an action RPG for me LOL

                                      • Anonymous

                                        04 Feb 2019 10:07  

                                        To avoid him chugging big annoying potions, just buy them off him before the fight. Leave him with low potions or Food that doesnt really do anything and he will chug These instead.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          12 Aug 2018 11:38  

                                          Arguably the hardest fight in the game. To make the fight a little easier talk to him with your weakest member and start attacking his servants, they will then start a fight without involving him, making the actual fight with the demon easier.

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