Aggressive Takeover

Quest Giver
Location Driftwood
Suggested Level 10
Next Quest n/a
Previous Quest Red Ink in the Ledger

Aggressive Takeover is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs



Aggressive Takeover Objectives

  1. Follow the trail of blood.
  2. Find the corpse of Garvan's master.
  3. Dig down.
  4. Speak with the spirit of Liam.
  5. Execute Garvan.
  6. Bring Garvan's head to the spirit of Liam.



Aggressive Takeover Walkthrough


A trail of blood can be found west and north of Driftwood, just south of the westernmost troll bridge, which is protected by Grog the Troll. (location marked in quest Red Ink in the Ledger)

Following the trail a little east to an area roughly below the bridge leads to Garvan's supplies. A void-touched beastmaster and his pets will ambush you.

Using Wits you can discover a shallow grave with a limb for an elf to eat. Cast Spirit Vision in this spot and the ghost of Trader Liam appears (X:190 Y: 168). Talk to him to discover the truth of his death and agree to avenge him. You MUST speak to him and agree to kill Garvan to properly progress this quest. If you do not, Garvan won't give you any dialogue options that would lead into a confrontation with him.

Find Garvan in the above-ground tavern in Driftwood sitting at a table. The only way to kill him without causing the entire town to become hostile is to poison him with Tainted Stew. Exit the door near Garvan and walk toward the rear of the tavern to the outhouses and speak with the ill woman inside. She will hint that you can craft Tainted Stew from a Meaty Stew and any Void-tainted fish. You can purchase Void-Tainted fish cheaply from the fishmonger merchant in the Driftwood Square.

Speaking with Garvan with the stew in your inventory will give you the option to feed him the Tainted Stew. Garvan will then move to the other outhouse behind the tavern, next to the woman's outhouse. Speak to him through the door and he will emerge. Confront him about the murder of Trader Liam and he will attack you without making anyone else hostile.

Looting his corpse will give you Garvan's head. Hand it over to Liam and he will mark the treasure Garvan failed to find as your reward..


  • 2000 exp for killing Garvan.
  • If you return Garvan's head intact to Trader Liam, he will provide you with 6950 experience and the location of his treasure cache.
  • If you eat Garvan's severed head looted from his corpse, your character will gain a permanent +1 Barter trait. You can use the Mask of the Shapeshifter to turn any character into an elf in order to eat the head. He or she will retain the trait even after turning back. Return to Trader Liam after eating the head for 5575 experience. You can still claim Trader Liam's treasure by finding it with Wits. (X:145 Y:235)


Tips & Tricks

  • Do not attempt to kill Garvan via traditional direct/indirect means. The entire town will turn on you. (This may have been caused from a recent update.) Instead, poison him as was intended by using the Tainted Stew.
    • Alternatively, you can trick him by pickpocketing something from him, waiting for him to notice he's been robbed, then run outside the tavern. Garvan will follow you, though not quite far enough not to aggro the guards; however, he will be out of sight, so you can teleport him the rest of the way to the bridge where it's safe.
  • Buy a Meaty Stew from Lovrik in the Tavern and craft it together with a Tainted Fish and give Garvan the Tainted Stew. I had to give him 2 normal stews first and for the third he asks for a special one.
  • Liam's treasure can be discovered normally without having to do the quest.
  • Liam's treasure usually contains at least 1000 gold and a legendary item.
  • Location of the dead trader is X:190 Y: 168.  You should see a blood stain.
  • Treasure is located at X:145 Y:235, southwest of the Cloisterwood waypoint.

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    • Anonymous

      03 Jun 2021 17:16  

      I was able to use a high persuasive member to single shot kill him from outside the door then persuade my way out of it

      • Anonymous

        20 May 2021 02:46  

        I kinda messed up this quest as I fed Garvan twice before meeting the dwarf near the bridge.

        What I did then as the option to feed Garvan another stew was no longer available - is that I handed him over the caravan supply (got XP), TPed him out. Killed him.

        Town did aggro but as soon as you kill him, hostility disappears. I then looted his head + caravan supply again.

        Tainted stew is lootable throughout driftwood quests. You don't need to craft it, had 4 in my bag at that point. If you haven't got any - buy it from the cook in the tavern. If cook is dead, other merchants have it. If the town is dead then yeh craft it.

        • Anonymous

          16 May 2021 00:50  

          Tainted stew = Stew + any Void-Tainted Fish. I've crafted one tainted stew, offered it to Garvan. He ate it, got sick, went to the outhouse, I've followed him and when he got out from the outhouse I've teleported him to the bridge X:329 Y:173. The fight started immediately without aggroing the rest of the people. Took the head from his corpse. The end.

          • Anonymous

            16 Mar 2021 02:30  

            Ez way to kill Garvan:

            1. Talk to him
            2. With another party member, nether swap him out back close to the broken bridge
            3. Kill him

            The townsfolk will appear hostile during the fight, but once you kill Garvan the fight will end and they'll be non-aggressive again. At least that's what happened to me on tactician.

            • Anonymous

              07 Feb 2021 04:15  

              I have killed garvan 18 times over and over and his corpse never has a head to pick up. Just a couple grenades,, his key a couple pots a jug and the box I gave him just a few minutes before. Is there a glitch in my game? Is there anyway to complete the quest with Liam without the head?

              • Anonymous

                04 Nov 2020 17:39  

                Generally a fan of returning the head to Liam on this one. 1375 xp on the whole party isn't worth that much but it'll be a while before the single point in barter even offsets the money you make from selling the item rewards from returning the head

                • Anonymous

                  18 Apr 2020 01:53  

                  You can use netherswap to move Garvan away from townsfolk. 1) have a party member speak to garvan 2) have a party member outside the tavern by the nearest door 3) Neverswap the party member chatting to garvan & then garvan will walk out of the tavern to speak to your party member 4) ??? 5) profit

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Feb 2020 03:31  

                    Some info not found anywhere I looked. If you craft tainted stew before talking to liam, you won't have the option to give it to garvan, you have to craft another one and then it works. There is an item called "stew" in the inn kitchen which can also be used, apart from the meaty stew from meistr house or vendors.

                    • Anonymous

                      24 Aug 2019 06:24  

                      a good way to kill him without alerting the people in the Inn is to stand at the door, use the teleportation skill on garvan and tp him away from the Inn, and you can kill him alone.

                      • Anonymous

                        12 May 2019 01:44  

                        1) Take the Garvan's head. 2) Let a character that is not your barter talk to Liam, and follow through the dialogue until you reach the point where you need to give him the head; 3) Use your barter character, put on the mask of shapeshifter, turn into an elf, eat the head; 4) Click the talking character portrait, and choose 'give the head' dialogue; 5) Profit.

                        • Anonymous

                          08 May 2019 01:02  

                          If the town attacks you when you attack him do not worry. Once he is killed the town returns to being neutral.

                          • Anonymous

                            25 Feb 2019 20:50  

                            Who ever struggle to feed this bastard with the stew. It's have to be the stew you can get in the tavern AND it must be combined with one of this void poisened fishes.

                            • Anonymous

                              23 Jan 2019 00:38  

                              For those who are having trouble killing Garvan without aggroing the town: 1. After giving him the tainted stew, have a party member speak to him outside the toilet 2. position another party member on the other side of the bridge 3. switch to your mage and nether swap him to the other side of the bridge. unlike teleport, nether swap does no damage to him and he will still be locked in conversation with the first party member. this can be done again until he is far away from town. 4. Kill! Tothing else worked for me but this went off without a hitch! (ps4)

                              • Anonymous

                                22 Jan 2019 09:18  

                                A bit of an exploit: you can get a party member to talk to Liam until he asks for the head, then get your elf to eat it before selecting to give him the head; presto, you get both!

                                • Anonymous

                                  27 Oct 2018 02:50  

                                  Step 1: Make***** food. Step 2: Serve***** food Step 3: Wait till he has to go on the toilet. Step 4: wait for him to be done. Step 5: kill him when he gets out. This is the Master Plan

                                  • Anonymous

                                    22 Oct 2018 15:51  

                                    Make sure to eat the head with your barterer (use the face disguise item to turn him into an elf if he isn't already), as it gives you +1 bartering

                                    • Anonymous

                                      04 Aug 2018 19:46  

                                      I had already killed the woman who makes meaty stew so i couldn't bu any. You can find one to pick up in Meistr Siva's house, and Effie, in the dwarf basement under the tavern sells one as well.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        10 May 2018 04:35  

                                        Alright this should help everyone. Once he is running back and forth from the outhouse just confront him when he steps out. He will attack you and the town will all turn red BUT once you kill him they go back to normal, no questions asked, at least for me.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          27 Jan 2018 14:01  

                                          You can have the two bonus, go to Liam to give him the head, start the chat, then when you get the option to give the head, change char to the one with the bartering skill, eat the head into the inventory ( if you are not an elf equip the makeshift mask ), to win the bonus, then switch back to you char speaking to Liam, and "give back the head" option still works xD
                                          Spirits don't need material things :p

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