All In

Perform a heavy attack that deals 125% damage.

  Damage is based on your basic attack

       and receives a bonus from Finesse

  Costs 0 Memory cldwn3
  Requires a Melee Weapon
 Range 2,5m


 All In is a Special Skill in Divinity Original Sin 2.


"Perform a heavy attack that deals 125% damage."



  • Deals 125% damage based on user's basic attack
  • Damage receives bonus as normal for the weapon wielded (Finesse/Strength/Intelligence)
  • Costs 3 Action Points to use
  • Costs 0 Source Points to use
  • Has a cooldown of 1 Turn
  • Not resisted by armour
  • Gained on equip of most Two-Handed Weapons

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    • Anonymous

      I'd rather get rickrolled then use this instead of saving an AP for my next turn, only good in specific scenarios, for example: when the enemy has a little more HP than your base attack deals and you need to kill it that same turn or if there's not gonna be a next turn. This thing is sadder than American Healthcare

      • Anonymous

        Unless you are trying to finish off an enemy with this, I suggest using a regular attack and keeping the extra action point for the next turn. Doesn't do all that much damage for 3 AP in my opinion.

        • Anonymous

          Just verified the enemy can use this skill while Atrophied, I found that odd, probably shouldn't be able to. (presumably we can as well, but I don't have anyone that knows this skill)

          • Anonymous

            The spear should have another Special Skill more suited the finesse nature. Like a Jab that does piercing damage. Is it possible to mod the spears special skill to change it?

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