All In The Family

Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 12+
Next Quest None
Previous Quest None

All In The Family is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II

A scrap of paper tells of a strange object that drove Johanna Surrey to madness. The numbers 2, 1, and 3 were scribbled in the margins. 

Tarquin asked us to retrieve the powerful artefact from the Surrey family crypt


Important NPCs


All In The Family Objectives

  1. Find the first artefact.
  2. Find the second artefact Artifact.
  3. Take the two artefacts to Tarquin 


All In The Family Walkthrough

At the gate of Stonegarden in Reaper's Coast, Tarquin asks you to investigate a family crypt and retrieve something for him. You can get the key from a petrified sourceress, Qanna found in the crypt guarded by the hound (the crypt is close to and directly north of the family crypt and is flanked by two knight statues). Cast Armor of Frost, or Bless on her inside the crypt to depetrify her and she will talk to you. If you fight with her she will spawn undead minions, but kill her and they will disappear so just focus her down.  Note that she CAN be damaged (and even killed) while she is petrified. So if you want to talk to her, you can take her down to a sliver of health, talk, and then un-petrify.  A single Marksman's Fang will ignore the armor and likely kill her.

Next head to the family crypt and open the door. In the first room of the family crypt, there are two buttons on the wall, you need to get close to find them. Press these the buttons to open the stone gate.

Cast Spirit Vision (Learned in Powerful Awakening), you will see three levers on the wall in the second room with the sarcophagus.  Have a party member stand on the pressure plate in the third room, then press the levers (middle-left-right) to reveal a secret hatch. If you have already touched the levers since stepping on the plate, in some other order, then you need to "reset" the middle lever. Pull the middle lever until water comes out, then do left, then do right.

There's a treasury under that hatch, use your character with highest lucky charm to loot them. The artefact is in the sarcophagus, if your character is a lizard, he/she will recognize the language of demons. You need at least 14 strength or the Sarcophagus "won't budge"

When you try to leave the tomb, all clay sentinels will revive and attack you.
The fight can be avoided by fast traveling to the Stonegarden waypoint.

Report to Tarquin, he will tell you the other pieces of artefact is on Bloodmoon Island.

When you travel to the Bloodmoon Island, you can find a hatch on its northeast corner, you need 22 wit (use Peace of Mind skill to boost your wits by 9 points) to spot it buried:

Inside the vault is the other half of the artefact.

Inside is another wits check in the form of a door that looks like a wall. The ghost inside this room has nothing to do with gaining access.

When you have both halves of the artifact, talk to Tarquin. (Sometimes he is not at the gate of Stonegarden, you can find him on The Lady Vengeance, near the boat. If you travel to The Lady Vengeance by waypoint, he's right next to you.)

If you give Tarquin the pieces, he will repair it at ACT IV (The Arx), it's arguably the best two-hand weapon in the game. (Sadly, only 1 durability) 
NOTE: Giving Tarquin the parts doesn't lock the trade option with him, simply initiate the conversation and click on the trade icon (DE).

Tips & Tricks

  1. Focus on killing the two Clay Sentinals at the top of the steps (one on either side of the sarcophagus) to avoid them reanimating already killed Clay Sentinals.  
  2. If Tarquin is missing for you, one possible solution is to travel to The Lady Vengeance waypoint, take the rowboat on the side to shore, then take the rowboat back to The Lady Vengeance. Tarquin should be standing next to the rowboat at this point.
  3. If Tarquin doesn't show up at the graveyard at all you might have played too far ahead in Reaper's Coast. Try loading a save just after arriving in the area and head straight for the graveyard through the Paladin Bridgehead. You can get the quest and then continue on wherever you want.
  4. You can use other silver items (Silver Glass) to produce the Silver Lever Shaft on the Ancient Forge at the Bloodmoon Island.
  5. There's a glowing chest inside the crypt where you get the second artefact piece, "unusual blade". Make sure to lockpick (requires Thievery level 4) then open it, it has the green Teleporter Pyramid in it!
  6. Right behind the glowing chest, there is a chest hidden in the crack between the destroyed bridge and the floor beneath it. You can use Teleportation to see it glowing yellow. You need a certain angle to reach it with teleport or you can use Apportion
  7. The petrified looters around Qanna can be attacked & killed for ~3.9k xp each. Removing their petrification instead rewards no exp.

Green Pyramid Chest



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    • Anonymous

      24 Jul 2021 00:51  

      What happens if you pickpocket the artifacts after you gave them to him? Am i still able to get the sword in act 4?

      • Anonymous

        28 Jun 2021 01:57  

        I killed Tarquin when I first got into the Lady Vengeance, never trust a necro, so now I got the pieces of the weapon but no one to fix it LMAO

        • Anonymous

          04 Jan 2021 17:06  

          In the Surrey crypt, I went into sneak mode, opened the sarcophagus of the first artefact, right-clicked the artefact to send to storage on the Lady Vengeance, and then snuck out without entering the fight.

          • Anonymous

            16 Nov 2020 14:26  

            As for today 2-1-3 does not work in DE steam version. Had to play randomly with the levers for 10 minutes until I casually hit the right combo. Don't know what it is though.

            • Anonymous

              03 Sep 2020 19:40  

              You can also drop one or more things that equate to at least 5 lbs. on the floor switch before activating the 2-1-3 wall switches. A set of armor or disarm trap mechanisms works just fine. Then you can pick it up right after.

              • Anonymous

                16 Aug 2020 13:11  

                This quest is bugged for me, i cant give the second part to Tarquin, the quest wont end and the blade keeps in my inventory

                • Anonymous

                  23 Jun 2020 20:50  

                  Dont use Bless or Vaporize (removes petrified status) on the plunderer / marauder / pillager / burglar, instead force attack with melee / ranged on them so they award free XP. Curing their petrified status won't give any.

                  • Anonymous

                    21 Jun 2020 02:37  

                    There are 5 total petrified "marauders". Specifically, 2 marauders, 1 pillager, 1 plunderer, and 1 burglar. If attacked while petrified, each is worth 3875 XP in DE. After killing the petrified "marauders", Qanna is worth 7725 XP (her summons are worth 0 XP). Total XP is (3875 XP * 5) + 7725 XP = 21700 XP.

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Mar 2020 23:22  

                      Tarquin is the guy that you encounter on the ship in the sealed room (where the password is Fortitude) after wounding Alexander on the coast (all that shriekers stuff) at the end of Fort Joy island. If you killed him (as i did) he won't be walking in Stonegarden or on The Vengance, he won't give you quest "All in the Family" and there will be no amazing weapon in Arx. You can still obtain both pieces of the artifact, but as far as i know they will be useless.

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Mar 2020 18:46  

                        Is there no way to get the loot out of the Hissing Chest? I mean it’s just an unidentified rare item, a consumable and some gold but the hoarder in me still wants it lol

                        • Anonymous

                          30 Jan 2020 15:36  

                          "There's a glowing chest inside the crypt lockpick then open it, it has the green Teleporter Pyramid in it!" And, seems like you have to take thievery skill, no way to open the chest otherwise... Since there is a Pyramid, it should not be a mandatory, there should be another way. I don't want to take thievery, but game tells that you must. Can't destroy the chest, with all the items (belt, gloves, chest) I have only +3 and this is not enough. This is the first time I see this game force you to do something like this (having/being a thief).

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Jul 2019 17:40  

                            you can simcity in that tomb to do not reach the clay golem to you with gold piles and candels and.. hunt with rangers or magic

                            • Anonymous

                              13 Jul 2019 04:30  

                              I'm trying to get the second piece in the Archives, but the doorway is closed. There are no levers or buttons anywhere and I can't find a solution by googling. What have I done wrong? :(

                              • Anonymous

                                10 Jul 2019 22:10  

                                Okay, so, if you need help beating the golems. Don't start the fight by leaving; start by attacking. You may wish to cast Peace of Mind before you attack to ensure you go first. An Initiative of 20 won't go first, but 26 will. Awake both of the resurrection golems up front with an accurate shooter, like an archer, by shooting them both. The first will put you in combat, the second will have to take some action points. Teleport one golem next to the other; whichever side the "lesser golems" woke up on is the side you want both resurrection golems on (they're the ones with the armor who stand up front if you're confused). Throw a charm grenade (perfume bottle + honey; craft in advance) on the "lesser golems." The ones with armor won't be affected anyway. Let the lesser golems two-shot both of the resurrection golems. Start waking other golems by damaging them while your charm is still active. Kill and use skills as needed. AoE Lightning works great against these guys.

                                • Anonymous

                                  10 Jul 2019 21:38  

                                  Is it it me or do a lot of the sentinels wake up randomly? Yes, they wake (1/4th) when you try to leave or hit, bit beyond that, seems pretty random. Not helpful. And the resurrection sentinel can resurrect the other resurrection sentinel. And since he random wakes when I'm on the opposite side of the map not hitting him, well.... guess I lose again. I guess this fight was made to justify a charm grenade.

                                  • 20 Feb 2019 01:30  

                                    Another strategy for the clay golem fight is to launch love grenades, avoiding the 2 "boss" golems. For me, the effect lasted 2 turns or so with the minions killing the bosses and some of the untargeted groupies. with the remaining turn, perform all the AOE you can.

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