All Skilled Up

All Skilled Up immediately gives you 1 extra Combat Ability point and 1 extra Civil Ability point.

Requirements: Level 2

All Skilled Up is a talent in Divinity Original Sin 2.


  • Cannot be chosen during Character Creation
  • This Talent is great for getting an early Civil Ability point, which you get very few of through out the game.
  • Good for early game thievery
  • Can effectively become an extra attribute point if you level up Polymorph
  • Good for summoners to get level 10 Summoning faster and unlock Incarnate Champion
  • Can almost never go wrong either way by choosing this

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    • Anonymous

      This is great for pushing up thievery early on for some sweet robberies! Or summoning if you're into that nasty business. There's other examples where you might want these points early but arguably those can wait most of the time.

      • Anonymous

        Aside from Lone Wolf, it's one of the best talents to take at level 3 (I only say Lone Wolf at 3 for your NPC companion as the main character would definitely take it at 1). Aside from the extra combat and civil point which help a lot during the beginning of the game, there is almost no consequence as you can respec that talent point by the time you reach level 8-9 when you finish the chapter. In any case, there really aren't that many great talents, so this one stands out as one of the better ones overall that any character can take regardless of build.

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