2 Physical Armor

Item Type Ingredient
Craftable No
Duration 2 turns
AP Cost AP
Weight 0.01
Value 9

Amadouvier is an ingredient in Divinity: Original Sin 2

"Likened to armour for its scaly appearance, Amadouvier is a particularly tough strain of fungus, highly sought after by potion brewers."


Amadouvier is used to create Physical Armor Potions which boost Physical Armor. You can eat it to gain 2 Physical Armor for two turns. You can also use a poison source on Amadouvier to add 2 poison damage to it.


Where to find:

  • Sold by Merchants
  • Found randomly around the game world.
  • Can be retrieved by Han

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    • Anonymous

      pro tip larian studios. when you make a set of items, such as mushrooms, put the word 'mushroom' at the end of each of their names so people can actually find them. this is obscure, same with some other mushrooms. it should follow a formula so it can be found later.

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