Reduces the cost of using grenades and scrolls by 1AP if your offhand is free.



Ambidextrous is a talent in Divinity Orignal Sin 2.



  • Two-Handed weapons consider your offhand to be free.
  • Excellent choice if you use scrolls often; some powerful spells might become 1 AP spells (i.e. Deep Freeze), and you can outright cheese end-game fights with Apotheosis and Skin Graft scrolls.
  • Grenades, while not viable for damage, still become 1 AP large AoE CCs and status effect appliers

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    • Anonymous

      30 Jan 2018 07:14  

      I tried it and it seems like a seriously underrated talent for mages with staffs. The 1AP discount on scrolls alone is really silly, it's like having permanent elemental affinity on almost every spell in the game. Scrolls also don't have any cooldown so you can just spam away. Lategame you can do some seriously broken stuff like cast 1AP Apotheosis scrolls and use Grasp of the Starved scrolls 5 times in a single turn. Even early to midgame casting 4 Fireballs into a group or teleporting multiple enemies in a turn is very powerful. Grenades have some utility as well, especially the charm/cc ones. Picked this up on my summoner so they could focus on leveling summoning but still have the utility of casting from scrolls and using items and it ended up being very useful in almost every fight.

      • Anonymous

        05 Nov 2017 13:34  

        Can be a nice talent for staff wielding magic users. Casting from scrolls and throwing water balloons/shock grenades/love grenades for 1 AP is pretty good.

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