Amulets in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are protective equipment worn by player characters and NPCs. Players can find amulets as part of quest rewards, purchase them from Merchants and obtain them from defeated Enemies. Players cannot create amulets via Crafting.




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Rune Slots




Amulet of the Deep 1 +1 Constitution
+15% Air Resistance
Immunity to Stunned
None Dropped by the Voidwoken in Hollow Marshes
Amulet of the Void 1 +1 Finesse
+15% Fire Resistance
+1 Ranged
None On a corpse near the Void Salamanders outside Sanctuary of Amadia
Bottled Wish   ?? ?? ??
Broken Source Collar Amulet   Unbreakable LOL ?? ??
Captain's Compass  1

+1 Loremaster

+1 Leadership

+2 Lucky Charm

None Located in the wreck of the Peacemaker. Need a teleport spell
Counterfeit Source Collar   ?? ?? ??
Saheila's Crest  -- +2 Int
10% Poison Resist
+1 Lucky Charm
None Given by Amyro after rescuing him.
Source Battery   ?? ?? ??
Zanisima's Charm   ?? ?? ??
The Watcher's Amulet 1

+1 Retribution
Grants Skill: Guardian Angel

-- Reward of quest The Watcher's Mercy
Mordus' Amulet 1

+1 Constitution
+20% Fire resistance
+1 Necromancer
Reflect 10% of melee damage as fire damage

  On Mordus at Wrecker's Cave
Simple Pendant --

11 Magic Armour

+1 Wits

+10% Poison resistance

level 4 At skeleton in Fort Joy Prison. 
Source Amulet  

Grants Skill: Replenish Source

-- On Toyseller at Arx. (Quest A Craftsman of Dreams and Nightmares)
Rainwater Amulet 1

+20% Water resistence
+1 Hydrosophist
Grants Skill: Rain


 Found in chest in Paradise Downs.

Coordinates (x:610 y:296)

Rutoma Rivelleis 1

+5 Strength

+20% Fire Resistance

+1 Retribution

+2 Polymorph

Grants Skill: Equalise

 level 18  Can be bought or stolen from Cat the Appraiser.
Falone Girt 1

+5 Intelligence

+10% Fire Resistance

+10% Earth Resistance

+1 Pyrokinetic

+1 Geomancer

Grants Skill: Living Wall

level 18  Can be found inside a chest on the shipwreck at the Harbour in Arx.
Necklace of Wine --

17 Magic Armor

Level 7  
Purple Necklace --

17 Magic Armor

Level 7  
Lavender Necklace --

17 Magic Armor

Level 7  

Notes for Loot Amulets:

An Uncommon Amulet gets 1 "Roll" (described below), Rare 2, Epic 3, Legendary 4, and Divine 5. A slot for a rune doesn't count against this limit. One of these can roll "strong" and give a higher magnitude effect. Sometimes a strong attribute roll is "hidden" (attributes are capped at +1 at lower levels, but will increase to +2 or more if the item is relevelled).


Can include Strength, Finesse, Intelligence, Constitution, and Wits, but NOT Memory.

Amulets can roll up to 2 attributes, but then one of them is always Wits or Constitution. Wits would usually be considered the superior option to Constitution from most players. You generally want these. This author has never seen 3 attributes roll on one Amulet. This can be up to +5 at higher levels. Attributes can increase when relevelled. 2 attributes might be locked to only Legendary or better items. Author is not sure.


They seemingly cannot roll resistances.

Combat Skills:
They can roll combat skills at +1 or +2. +2 seems to be the "strong" roll, as items do not roll with +5 attribute and +2 skill or with 2 +2 skills. Sometimes picking up a skill you don't have to unlock a good ability is useful, but generally you want the skills that you are focusing on, especially warfare. This includes defensive skills like leadership, but does not include weapon skills.

Up to 4 of these can be rolled. on one amulet.

Civil Skills
They can have  Bartering; Telekinesis; Lucky Charm; Loremaster; and Persuasion. On a random rolled amulet, this is never "strong" and thus is always +1 only.

Skill from Item:
This seems extremely rare but is possible. This is generally a bad roll, as it is either: access to a useful ability you otherwise couldn't have (best outcome, but still on par with +1 of that combat skill and +1 memory); access to an ability you already had access to (ie equivalent to +1 memory); access to an ability you essentially wouldn't/don't use (ie less than +1 memory).


Example Good Roll:

A slot for adding a rune. This honestly makes or breaks amulets, unfortunately, as +3-6 critical chance from Fire runes is extremely important, particularly if a mage as you can also have +3 intelligence to go with that critical boost.
Attribute that adds to damage directly (up to +5) ie Str/Finesse/Intelligence
Wits (up to +5).
Primary Damage Skill (particularly warfare, but also possibly a magic skill for a mage character)
Secondary Damage Skill (particularly scoundrel)
Tertiary Skill (almost anything is at least somewhat useful. But necromancy or summoning or a skill you have 0 in otherwise is usually best). Leadership might be useful for one character.

If you got all of the above on an amulet, never sell it. You won't get better. The magic armor of a higher level amulet is incredibly unlikely to make up for it.

Eternal Artefact:

Adds +10% Fire resist, +2 Critical chance, a levelled amount of physical armor (small, on the order of 10% of the item's magical armour), and +5% dodge. This is the second-most powerful Eternal Artefact use if doing physical damage (beaten by belt), and strongest if doing magical damage, but it's unlikely to find an amulet strong enough that you're ever certain you won't replace it.

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