An Eye for an Eye

Old magician's spirit
Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 14
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An Eye for an Eye is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs



An Eye for an Eye Objectives

  1. Talk to the Spirit of an Elderly Mage. He's the one standing on the platform next to Deadeye.
  2. Kill Deadeye.
  3. Return to the spirit.



An Eye for an Eye Walkthrough


If you cast Spirit Vision at the Abandoned Sawmill, you will encounter the spirit of a elderly mage. He asks for your help in getting revenge against the Lone Wolf archer who killed him, Deadeye. After you manage to kill Deadeye (and likely other Lone Wolves, since it will probably antagonize them as well), return to the spirit for your reward.

Note that the reward is granted in the form of a learned spell, not a spellbook, so be sure to initiate conversation with him via the character who you'd like to be granted the skill.

There are different rewards:

  • Tell him you like to ...air...your grievance. (Pressure Spike)
  • Like to splash the pain around.(Global Cooling)
  • Tell him you seek earth-shaking power (Earthquake)
  • Claim your fee in Source, his. (Gives you a temporary +1 Source Point)



Tips & Tricks

  • If you've already killed Deadeye before speaking to the spirit, he'll simply give you the reward.

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