An Maflin

Level 20

10% dodge
20% block
10% damage reflect
Set Death Wish
Skill: Flay Skin

An Maflin is a Shield in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


An Maflin Information

Etched with the esoteric symbolism of the Black Ring on the inside, and marked by Divine Order arrows on the outside, this is a shield from the Great War.


an maflin


An Maflin Location/Where to find


An Maflin Requirements

  • 14 Constitution


An Maflin Notes/Tips

  • it sets Death Wish permanently on your character while equipped
  • other generic shields may work better in certain situations - for example in fights vs. magic users - as it has a very low MA stat, particularly for tank characters; although it may complement magic (i.e. wand/shield) characters who have an already unbalanced, naturally high MA. 
  • it is one of the only shields not granting the spell Shields Up which is a serious drawback, but the shield is still worth considering for certain fights and playstyles.


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    • Anonymous

      It says its the best shield in the game, but doesn't have shields up, so that sort of removed the best thing about shields. I would just call it the blueballs shield.

      • Anonymous

        While it probably is the best shield in the game, simply stating it as a fact on this page is weird. In particular, it's got a very bad Magic Armour stat line and no elemental resists to help make up for it. Against magic, any generic level 20 shield is arguably better.

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