An Unlikely Patron

Bishop Alexandar
Location The Nameless Isle
Suggested Level 16
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An Unlikely Patron is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Bishop Alexandar 


An Unlikely Patron Objectives

  1. Aid Bishop Alexandar by killing the Sallow Man



An Unlikely Patron Walkthrough

Prior to progressing with this quest, please read: Seeking Revenge.

At the temple of Rhalic, you met some magisters fighting Black Rings. If you helped the magisters, the survivors will tell you Bishop Alexandar is retreating to their shelter at Elven temple. 

Meet Alexandar at the top of elven temple, if you agree to help him kill the Sallow Man, he will give you a cowl that can dispel Sallow Man's illusions.


East to the Temple of Rhalic, there is a troll guarded cave:

Enter the Cave, use the Cowl of the True Sight given by Alexandar right after the altar, towards to fake wall. This will open the path to the Sallow man.

Kill the Sallow Man and report to Alexandar, and he will teach you the way to get in the council. (Note: the Shaft of Swornbreaker, is inside a chest at Sallow Man's war room.)


Tips & Tricks

  • A second illusory wall can be dispelled in the south of the room where you fight the Sallow Man. If you follow the path from the revealed War Room, you will come upon Windego, hinted at in a letter found in the previous room. The letter starts the quest Mercy is Power.
  • Eating the Sallow Man's hand as an elf will reveal which of the gods revere the moon for the Nameless Isle quest

    • Anonymous

      04 Dec 2017 00:15  

      Killing Alexandar for Sallow Man then killing him nets about 10% more exp than killing Sallow Man for Alexandar and then killing Alexandar. Mostly because u cant turn in the kill Sallow Man quest to Alexanadar and then still kill him like you can with Sallow Man buuut letting Alex live and persuading him later to join you will yield an achievment.

      • Anonymous

        18 Nov 2017 15:11  

        In my playthrough, one of the black mirrors in the sallow man's room is directed at forktounge.. then I commanded him to attack wordless' camp telling him wordless is a traitor..

        • Anonymous

          11 Oct 2017 00:14  

          Btw if you have Lohse with you and you go near Sallow Man, a Fight will start no matter what, seem the demon that posses Lohse have some matter with Sallow Man

          • Anonymous

            09 Oct 2017 18:42  

            Can anyone tell me how much exp you gain from helping Alexadar vs. The Sallow Man? (Exp for helping sallow man is listed, but nothing listed for helping alexandar)

            • Anonymous

              09 Oct 2017 07:09  

              Well I buggered this one up. I found the secret entrance to the academy (before I found the elven temple) worked my way through and got Alexander to support me for becoming divine then realizing continuing on to become divine would finish up my time at the isle I left the academy and continued to explore. Needless to say, when I ventured to the elven temple, Alexander was not there even though all the dialog was still stating that he's at the top. So why not get he hood to see through the illusions from the prince of shadows? Well, that's because I decided to not poison the tree and killed him :(
              Lesson learned lol, I'm going to be doing a fair bit different on my next play though :)

              • Anonymous

                04 Oct 2017 22:52  

                There's a second, illusory wall in the south of the room where you fight the Sallow Man. Dispel it to find The War Room which has a treasure chest as well as a letter from the Prince of Shadows and (slight spoilers) Windigo. Picking up the letter started the quest "Mercy is Power". Move further along the path and you will find Windigo.

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