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Anathema is a Weapon in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Legends say this ancient weapon could even defeat the mighty Braccus Rex


Anathema Location/Where to find


Anathema Notes/Tips

  • Using 1 skill will destroy the weapon and make it useless after the attack. Make sure to use it wisely
  • It is the most powerful weapon in the game.
  • To maximize the power of this weapon, use Rage + All In. Do not use Onslaught, as Anathema will break on the first hit.


    • Anonymous

      25 Jan 2019 03:54  

      I felt like offing the dude for making such a brittle sword. What a waste of time, now I'm going to pick his pocket clean.

      • Anonymous

        11 Dec 2018 01:46  

        esta espada se combina con el corazon de fenix y 1 diamante y se hara irrompible spoiler para los que no sabian :v ahora si full atake chavales

        • Anonymous

          01 Oct 2018 14:48  

          Very.... anticlimactic weapon for all the buildup it gets. It's a bloody shame that it's good for nothing due to brittle and unrepairable perks, and given you get it so late in game - it's barely worth the trouble. This game SORELY lacks unique weapons with fixed stats and lore attached to them, only 2 coming to mind being Swornbreaker and Anathema, and both being unrepairable. At least swornbreaker is not brittle.

          • Anonymous

            05 Aug 2018 04:17  

            Good thing I found out it can only be used once or else I might have gotten excited...well 35k gold is 35k gold I guess.

            • Anonymous

              17 Apr 2018 13:51  

              Imho only useful when you go for a lone wolf build, else you barely have enough AP to use it properly. I dealt 18500 dmg with one blow, not enough to kill Braccus Rey tho.

              • Anonymous

                24 Mar 2018 20:01  

                what a waste. they shouldve made this very difficult to obtain but if you did you could one shot one of the final bosses. or at least one shot after Physical Armor is gone. its literally useless lol even buffed its useless i do more damage with my gahddamn Tentacle Lash....

                • Anonymous

                  09 Jan 2018 08:17  

                  actually useless they build it up like its some amazing weapon and then during the final battle i waste an ability on it and it breaks.

                  • Anonymous

                    12 Dec 2017 17:01  

                    Dont be jebaited. This sword is a bad joke to use, maybe not intended, but it's as good as your bare hands. lol

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Dec 2017 02:19  

                      perhaps this is broken in some way? I tried using onslaught and it broke instantly, doing very little damage.

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