Ancient Passage is a sub-area of Fort Joy Prison in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

General Information

Map Legend

  1. Withermoore's Jar
  2. Trapped Summoning Jar
  3. Trapped Freezing Jar
  4. Trapped Summoning Jar
  5. Trapped Explosive Jar
  1. Entrance from Fort Joy Prison.
  2. Hidden Tyrant's Stride.
  3. Unlocked Chest


  • Aeromancer Guardian
  • Pyromancer Guardian
  • Eagle-Eyed Guardian
  • Cryomancer Guardian
  • Traitorous Guardian
  • Blademaster Guardian

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Ancient Passage

ancientpassage annotated


  • You gain 800 XP the first time you enter this area.
  • You can place objects, such as vases, on top of the floor traps to get rid of the poison gas.
  • The area has multiple fake soul jars that are labeled as Withermoore's. The real jar is located at (1).
  • The fake jar at (2) summons an Aeromancer, Pyromancer, Eagle-Eyed, and Cryomancer Guardian.
  • The fake jar at (3) covers the entire room in an Ice surface.
  • The fake jar at (4) summons a Traitorous Guardian and two Blademaster Guardians.
  • The fake jar at (5) explodes and creates a Fire surface.
  • Interacting with the statue at (B) with 15+ Wits gives you an interaction option to discover the Tyrant's Stride.




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    • Anonymous

      Skill check in dialogs for any clue? Nah. It was in old games like fallout, baldurs gate, neverwinter nights, arkanum etc.

      • Anonymous

        If you are having issues hitting 15 wit to talk to the statue. Cast a mind scroll on yourself or if you have it learned just cast it. Easy 5 wit

        • Anonymous

          I really don't like this, 3 are found just by exploring and the last one needs an unannounced skill check , at a level when 15 wit is hardly a priority and you need to come back to look with no real indication it's there and why... also I'm curious, how was this found?

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