Arena of the One is a sub-area of Fort Joy  in Divinity Original Sin: 2. Arena of the One is a place where fighters battle to prove their worth. Please see Walkthrough and/or Locations for other areas.


General Information

  • Location: Fort Joy
  • Recommended Level: 3+




Notable NPCs


  • N/A


Related Quests



Arena of the One

Removing the Collar

At the arena, players will encounter a quest called The Arena of Fort Joy. Here, you'll need to enlist in the arena and defeat all its contenders to become the champion. Claiming the title will allow you to remove your character's collar by speaking to Nebora.


Notes & Tips

  • After becoming the champion of The Arena of The One in Fort Joy you can ask Nebora to remove your main character's collar.
  • The chests can be looted during combat. If you are playing multiplayer, then you must loot them during the first phase. They won't be usable during the second. The chests contains loot you'd find from an ordinary Ornate Chest.
  • Any dead party members will be revived if you win. Therefore, only use Resurrection Scrolls when necessary. You will not lose the game if you are defeated, though.
  • Upon winning, you earn "Champion of Driftwood" tag, which you can use to impress Dorotya.
  • Despite popular confusion. The Arena of The One that is located in Fort Joy is not the same Arena of The One located on the Nameless Isle. They are both two separate areas that are a part of a quest chain The Arena of Fort Joy.




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